How to Swing like the King


As the focus turns toward Orlando, Florida, we’re going to see a lot of Arnold Palmer flashbacks and his unmistakable swing from his prime. When I think about the King’s swing, one aspect makes me smile the most, his finish. Arnie has one of the most unique finishes in all of competitive golf, and I think we all can benefit from getting a sense of why.

The King’s Finish

Today, golfers are obsessed with being position oriented or trying to become too mechanical, which can cause tension and lead to an improper release. The follow through is a direct result of the actions that lead to it, and is attributed to the amount of energy that is generated during the swing. In Arnold’s swing, you’ll see great positions, but his swing is built around tempo and speed. You’d never see Arnold “hurry” to impact; you would see an acceleration or explosion from his right hip on the downswing through the ball and up to his legendary finish.


Point A to Point B

Remember that the golf swing is a Point A to Point B progression. Point A is the address position and Point B is the finish position, not impact.

There’s 1 Simple Key to Becoming a Swinger and Not a Hitter

1. Focus on swinging from the address position (Point A) and keep the tempo smooth until the club reaches the right hip on the downswing, then try to explode the club to the finish (Point B).

This will reduce the tension in your hands/forearms and give your body the freedom it needs to start to generate more speed, provide more power at impact, and let the energy travel up to your own unique finish.

Quick Recap

1. Point A to Point B – The golf swing is a progression. Starting from the address position and ending at the finish, not impact.

The next time you find yourself struggling with inconsistent contact, take impact out of the equation and think of Arnie’s finish and explode through the ball!

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Michael Loftin, PGA

Michael Loftin has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2007, and holds a PGA Certifications in Golf Operations. He has competed as an NCAA Division I golfer at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and graduated from Coastal Carolina University with a Masters in Business Administration. He has a deep understanding of private golf facilities, where he provided extensive instruction, tournament operations, club fittings, and on course strategy. Michael’s instructional philosophy is not only teaching the students how to swing, but teaching students how to play.

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