How Much Bounce Do I Need On My Wedge?


A wedge has multiple playability characteristics that can make them effective shot savers on the course – sole width, camber, sole grind, and bounce angle.  All of these factors play a determining role when selecting the proper wedge. However, the bounce plays the most significant role of all.

Wedge Bounce


The definition for bounce is the angle represented by a line drawn from the bottom of a wedge (sole) to the leading edge.

Many wedges offer a variety of bounce options, ranging from high to low. Different types of golfers will need different types of wedges based upon their swing type and playing conditions.

Divots from Golf Swing Types and Bounce

Swing Types & Bounce

There are generally two categories that golfers will fall into when it comes to swing types

1. Driver / Digger

Someone that’s a driver or digger will take a larger divot, and will, therefore, benefit from more bounce. This bounce will help the club properly dig through the turf.

2. Sweeper / Slider

Whereas someone that’s a sweeper or slider will take a very shallow, if any, divot and will benefit from less bounce to properly glide under the golf ball and not skip off the turf.

Golf Course Conditions

Playing Conditions & Bounce

Another aspect to consider when looking into the proper bounce is the typical playing conditions you run into.

Firm Conditions – This course conditions will have tightly mown fairways and areas around the green, as well as firm sand in the bunkers. If you typically play in these conditions you’ll benefit from a low-bounce wedge.

Soft Conditions – This course conditions will have long grass in the fairways and around the greens, as well as “fluffy” sand in the bunkers. If you typically play in these conditions you’ll benefit from a high-bounce wedge.


Golf is hard enough with the proper clubs! If you play with the wrong clubs, it can be virtually impossible to improve! Make sure you are playing with the proper golf equipment and get in touch with one of our PGA Professionals today. They’re available to give you the trusted expert advice you’re looking for – for FREE! Contact them here.

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