The Best of Titleist 716 Irons

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Titleist 716 Irons
The Titleist 716 irons feature a set for every golfer, from the weekend hacker to the world’s best. The 716 AP1 iron if perfect for those seeking the most forgiving iron in the lineup. The 716 AP2 is the perfect blend of forgiveness and playability – not to mention it’s a Tour favorite. The 716 CB makes the transition to a smaller, less offset clubhead design that focuses on feel, shot shaping, and forgiveness. And finally the 716 MB rounds out the class as the muscle back iron for those that are seeking maximum control over their shots.

titleist ap1 irons

Titleist 716 AP1

The Titleist 716 AP1 irons are hands down, the longest and most forgiving irons Titleist have ever made. The undercut cavity extends 360 degrees around the entire clubhead. This creates a large and thin clubface that is unsupported. This design increases speed and launch angles to maximize the distance of every golf shot. They’ve increased the amount of tungsten in the clubhead, which allows for stronger lofts due to the lower center of gravity – another way you’ll gain distance. The tungsten also aids with the forgiveness of the clubhead by creating the largest sweet spot of any iron with similar size.

titleist 716 ap2 irons

Titleist 716 AP2

The Titleist 716 AP2 iron is a supercharged version of the Titleist 714 AP2 iron. It’s for those that are seeking a design that’s trusted by Tour players and packed with distance, forgiveness and superior feel. Much like the Titleist 716 AP1 iron, these feature the use of tungsten. Although the 716 AP2 irons don’t have much, overall tungsten weight, it does help lower and perfectly align the center of gravity to a precise location to deliver more speed at impact.  The feel and forgiveness come from an advanced and innovative construction, which includes the use of tungsten, to increase the speed on miss-struck shots.
Titleist 716 CB Iron Beauty Image

Titleist 716 CB

The Titleist 716 CB iron features the perfect blend of shot making and more forgiveness than ever before. The tungsten, that’s inserted into the toe, provides exceptional forgiveness that has never been seen in a cavity blade before. The forged construction provides you with the feel you expect when it comes to a Titleist cavity blade iron. Rest assured if you’re a lower-handicapped golfer you’ll hit laser-like shots that never leave the pin with the 716 CB iron.
Titleist 716 MB Iron Beauty Image

Titleist 716 MB

The Titleist 716 MB iron is truly a players’ iron. The days of a pure muscle back design are long gone, but Titleist is known for tradition and they’re sticking with it. There are still plenty of players who prefer a muscle back iron and the Titleist 716 MB iron offers maximum shot making ability and a soft smooth forged feel. The looks of this iron are superb, a square toe, thin topline, and a slightly pre-worn leading edge make this a club fit for the world’s best.


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