3 Favorite Golf Instruction Books For Any Golfer

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golf instruction books

The game of golf is hard. Learning to play and get better is even tougher. Luckily there are a ton of options when it comes to golf instruction books. Which one is best, though? With so many choices, it can be confusing for a golfer to decide. I would highly recommend finding a book that fits your learning style and physical capabilities. Jack Nicklaus might make a great instructional book but doesn’t have any pictures or drills. If you are a visual learner, it may not be the best book for you. Tiger Woods might make a great instructional book with pictures and drills, but if you can’t perform any of the drills based on physical limitations it might not be the best for you. Here are a few of my favorite golf instructional books for you to consider.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

ben hogan 5 lessons

Ben Hogan does a great job simplifying the golf swing, making it very easy to understand the basic fundamentals.  He goes over the grip, stance, posture, and two basic components to help make a repeatable swing.  It is only 128 pages long, making it a quick and enjoyable read.  He uses very simple terms along with visual cues to explain the basic principles.  If you are a new golfer, this is a book I would recommend to understand the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

How I Play Golf – Tiger Woods

tiger woods how i play golf

Another book that I like is How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods.  If you are a visual learner, this is the perfect book for you. Golf Digest collaborated with Tiger on this book, providing great photography, artwork, and sequential shots of Tiger hitting shots. The book starts with short game lessons and works it way up to the drive in an easily digestible format. All levels of player, not just elite players like Tiger, can benefit from How I Play Golf.

Golf My Way – Jack Nicklaus

golf my way

The final book that I would recommend is Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus. This book is considered the first golf instructional book to mix physics and kinesiology with theory and technique. He also talks about the mental side of the game which is very helpful if thinking about playing golf professionally. It has been noted that this book introduced Ernie Els to playing golf.

Other Golf Instruction Books

Thank you to everyone that responded to our Twitter post at the beginning of December, asking what YOUR favorite book is. User @MikeintheCouv mentioned his favorite was Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. User @gerard629 said his favorite was Down To Scratch by Abe Mitchell. These books are in our collection and should also be in yours. Thanks for the great recommendations! 

There are many golf instruction books out there that are helpful to all skill levels. Find the one(s) that fit you and start to improve your game today!

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