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toulon putters madison

Toulon putters are the brainchild of Sean Toulon, the former Executive VP of Product Creation at TaylorMade. In 2015, Toulon left to open his own company, Toulon Designs, specializing in putters. After achieving success on his own, his company was acquired by Callaway in 2016. Toulon putters are added to the already successful Odyssey family, now under the direction of Toulon. Mr. Toulon uses his innovative design ideas in the new, expanded Toulon putter line. Each carefully crafted putter focuses on sound, feel, and roll to help improve your putting. Our quick guide to Toulon putters walks you through 3 main areas, showing you why the putters are worthy of making it into your bag.

Building Toulon Putters

Each Toulon putter begins as a solid block of 303 stainless steel. This grade of steel gives the putters their soft feel. Despite using a softer steel, there is a solid, firm “click” at impact. Each piece of the putter is carefully milled out before being put together. This process ensures that every putter made looks and feels the same.

toulon putters face-milling

Once the putter is put together, the signature deep diamond mill pattern is applied to the center of the clubface. The pattern helps get the ball rolling end over end quicker, helping putts get and stay on their line.

Design Features

Toulon putters feature some unique design elements. Each element has a purpose, to help you dial in the putter to sink more putts. Adjustable plates on the sole of each putter change the weight of the head. The standard plate is a 7-gram aluminum plate, producing a total head weight of 352 grams. A 20-gram stainless steel plate and 40-gram tungsten plate are also available. Total head weight using these are 365 grams and 285 grams, respectively.

toulon putters austin

There are 7 models currently available to choose from, 5 blades and 2 mallets. An interesting note on the alignment lines; every model, except for the Austin, has a single line on the back of the putter. The line on the Austin (above) is on the front, near the face. No word on why that is, exactly. We’d venture to say that setup works best, performance-wise, given the head and hosel used.

toulon putters columbus

A couple other notable designs to the line are in the Columbus (above) and the Indianapolis (below). The Columbus has 2 notches on the back of the blade, making it easier to line up at address. The Indianapolis takes inspiration from the city’s famous Indianapolis 500 race. The back of the Indianapolis looks like the front of an Indy car, complete with carbon fiber. It’s definitely a cool look.

toulon putters indianapolis

Toulon Putter Models

Each model in the line is designed for a specific stroke, from straight-back to strong arcing. In that order (no arc to most arcing), the models are Indianapolis, Memphis, Columbus, Madison, Austin, San Diego, Long Island.

Every Toulon putter is also available in a counter-balance model. Further, there are 2 types of counter-balance options, Aggressive Release (AR) and Moderate Release(MR). The AR has a 40-gram sole plate and 14″ Super Stroke grip with a 50-gram butt-end weight. The AR design lets the clubhead release more at impact, mimicking the release of a long or belly putter. It comes standard at 38″ long.

The MR has a 20-gram sole plate, standard Super Stroke grip with a 25-gram butt-end weight. It allows you to release the head more with a standard stroke. The lengths available range from 33 inches to 36 inches.

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