FootJoy DryJoys Tour LTS Jacket: Excellent Rainwear Thanks to 3 Letters

Dryjoys tour lts jacket

Have you ever gotten caught in a sudden rain storm or had a golf trip ruined by the weather? FootJoy is here to help with their latest in a long line of high-performing outerwear, the DryJoys Tour LTS jacket. This jacket will protect you in rain, wind, and cool temperatures with its advanced construction. Our review goes over the new features and how they help you.

DryJoys Tour LTS Jacket Features

The performance of the DryJoys Tour LTS jacket comes from three letters, L, T, and S. Each letter represents a specific design feature, letting you get a round of golf in no matter the weather.

L – Lightweight Construction

DryJoys Tour lts jacket

The DryJoys Tour LTS jacket is put together with 5 panels. Using so few pieces of material makes it easier for you to move while swinging. Because there are fewer seams to seal, using 5 panels also maximises the waterproof protection. Each panel has 3 layers that combine to protect you from the elements.

T – Temperature Regulation

DryJoys Tour lts jacket

The innermost layer of the jacket is made with a “Thermolite” bonded layer. The material is a hollow core, made of moisture wicking fibers, that traps insulated air to regulate the temperature inside the jacket. Moisture is allowed to escape from your skin, through the Thermolite, keeping you cool on warmer days. As moisture escapes, air is trapped in the hollow-core fibers. This trapped, insulated air keeps you warm if the temperature is cooler.

S – Stretch Fabric

DryJoys Tour lts jacket

The outermost layer of the DryJoys Tour LTS jacket features a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. The layer also has a 4-way stretch that doesn’t restrict your swing. The middle layer is a 20,000 mm waterproof membrane, making the jacket 100% waterproof.

Standard Features

FootJoy puts some handy features in the DryJoys Tour LTS that come standard in many of their jackets. There is a waterproof chest pocket, giving you easy access to whatever you put in there (glove, scorecard, wallet, etc.). There are also adjustable cuffs, a waterproof zipper, and side pockets to keep your hands warm. FootJoy offers the jacket in 5 stylish colors, as well.


FootJoy’s reputation for making high quality and performing outerwear continues with this jacket. Its lightweight design doesn’t feel bulky, like some rain jackets can be. Combine that with the waterproof protection and you get a top-performing jacket in the category. Don’t forget to pair the jacket with the DryJoys Tour LTS pants to protect you from neck to feet.

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