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Golfers looking for distance and accuracy in their metalwoods (so, basically most of us) will love the new Cleveland Launcher HB line. The technology in these clubs delivers these qualities and more in an updated version of a familiar club. We cover what these features are, what they mean for your game and stock options for the line.

Cleveland Launcher HB Woods Technology

Cleveland Launcher HB drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids hit the ball high, long, and straight while sharing the same technology. We start our review by looking at something that’s not there:

Lightweight Hosel

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS lightweight hosel

None of the clubs in the Launcher HB line are adjustable. The hosel adjustment adaptors you see in almost every club on the market today weigh various amounts. The weight of the hosel adaptors places the CG of the head higher and closer to the club face. Therefore, you won’t find them in the Launcher HB clubs. By not having these adaptors, engineers lightened the hosel, which moves the CG lower and farther back from the face. The next feature also contributes the CG position.

HiBore Crown

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS hibore crown

At address, the Cleveland Launcher HB line shares a familiar feature with previous Cleveland metalwoods, a HiBore crown. The HiBore crown has 2 parts, a raised portion, and a lower portion. This latest version pairs with the lightweight hosel area to push the CG low and back. The raised portion of the new crown flexes at impact, delivering more ball speed for distance.

Flex-Fin Technology

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS flex-fin technology

Speaking of ball speed, the bottom of the Launcher HB clubs have Flex-Fin technology. This fan-like design flexes when you hit the ball to increase ball speed. But, what’s distance without forgiveness?

Launcher Cup Face

LAUNCHER HB-WOODS launcher cup face

This new feature increases the COR across the entire clubface, creating a larger sweet spot. As a refresher, COR is the measure of energy transfer to the golf ball at impact. The higher the COR, less energy is lost and is thus transferred to the ball for distance. Increasing the COR across the face ups the forgiveness factor, helping you hit more fairways.

Cleveland Launcher HB Stock Offerings


  • Loft: 9, 10.5, 12
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 50g shaft – a lighter weight shaft, making it easier to swing faster
    • has a lower torque for better accuracy. Low torque keeps the head from moving at impact
  • Flex: A, R, S


  • Loft: 3W (15 deg.), 5W(18 deg.)
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 50
  • Flex: A, R, S


  • Loft: 3 (19 deg.), 4 (22 deg.), 5 (25 deg.)
  • Shaft: Miyazaki C. Kua 60
  • Flex: A, R, S

Time For Lift Off

For those of you looking to hit the ball high and accurate, be sure to consider the Cleveland Launcher HB woods. They are available now and waiting to help you launch it!

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