adidas Crossknit Boost Shoes: Next Generation Comfort and Support

adidas crossknit boost

Boost technology from adidas brings several words to mind: comfort, style, cushioning, and performance. The adidas Crossknit Boost golf shoe is no exception to these many adjectives. It has distinct features that set it apart from other adidas shoes and close competitors.

adidas Crosskint Boost Upper

adidas crossknit boost upper

The upper construction of this spikeless shoe incorporates a new CIRCLEKnit upper material. The material is specific for golf footwear, featuring stretch comfort and breathability. The upper still maintains the lateral stability needed through the swing. The upper section adds stability with a TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane) welded toe box, external heel counter, and an extended saddle sling.

Crosskint Boost Lower

adidas crossknit boost sole

A high-end golf shoe can’t just be stable in the upper. The outsole needs to provide the proper connection between the foot and the ground. This connection lets the golfer transfer power through the swing without worry of slipping. The outsole of the Crossknit Boost pairs puremotion technology with adiwear traction modules for gripping power. A torsion control system adds more stability while walking and swinging.

adidas crossknit boost foam cushion

The adidas Crossknit Boost brings stability through the swing and matches an attention to detail in its cushioning and comfort systems. adidas makes the midsole from full-length Boost foam material. The inner is for great walking comfort and power transfer. Boost technology combines with an UltraBoost last platform and cloudfoam EVA sock liner system, which maximizes comfort.

adidas crossknit boost colors

The adidas Crossknit Boost is available in four fashionable colors which include: Blast Blue/White/Clear Onix, Core Black/Scarlet/Onix, Collegiate Navy/Core Blue/Solar Line, and Mid Grey/Onix/White.

Final Thoughts

Altogether, you have a reliable, comfortable, and supportive spikeless shoe. Customary casual styling in the adidas Crosskint Boost is sure to be a hit with those that love to walk.


 PGA Professional

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What To Look For: Cobra King F7 Irons

Cobra King F7 irons

For 2017, Cobra introduces the King F7 irons and King F7 One Length irons. Each of these iron sets delivers distance and forgiveness in a unique design. Let’s take a look at each club, seeing how Cobra uses design and innovation to produce these qualities.

King F7 Irons

With the King F7 irons, Cobra provides a set forgiving in long irons and performance driven in short irons. Cobra achieves this by utilizing a design philosophy referred to as TECFLO. The 3-5 irons are a hollow design, cast from 17-4 stainless steel. They feature a thin face plate designed to flex at impact. This flex boosts ball speed and distance. Cobra went one step further with the long irons featuring V-shaped grooves to reduce spin allowing for straighter shots. The 6 and 7 irons are “half hollow.” There is a small chamber behind the face which helps with the transition from long irons to short irons. The short irons have a traditional cavity back design cast from 431 milled stainless steel, enhancing feel.

Cobra King F7 Cavities

The 6 and 7 irons are “half hollow.” There is a small chamber behind the face which helps with the transition from long irons to short irons. The rest of the short irons have a traditional cavity back design cast from 431 milled stainless steel, enhancing feel. Cobra places U-shaped grooves on the 7-PW helping to increase spin and stopping power on approach shots. The specialty wedges feature wedge style grooves to maximize spin around the green.

King F7 One Length Irons

Along with the traditional, variable length set, Cobra introduces the King F7 One Length iron set. The set is inspired by Cobra staff player Bryson DeChambeau. Uniquely, all clubs in the set are 7-iron length (37.25”) and feature a lie angle of 62.5 degrees. Making all the clubs the same length and lie angle simplifies the setup and swing process. To clarify, a golfer sets up and swings the same with each club. In doing so, it allows for more consistency and tighter shot dispersion.

Traditionally, iron sets have a 3-4 degree gap in between clubs. This gap, along with club length, ensures there is no overlap or gap in distance. As a single length iron, the King F7 One Length changes this norm, achieving the same goal. The gap from the 4-6 irons is 3 degrees starting at 20 degrees on the 4 iron.  The 7 iron loft is 30 degrees. There is then a 5-degree gap going to the 8 iron and continuing to the sand wedge.



Cobra pushes the envelope with the King F7 and King F7 One Length iron sets. Each incorporates unique features to deliver distance and forgiveness in a stylish package. Give both a try and see how they can improve your game!

PGA Professional

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Golf Fitness: Core Stretching For Strength and Flexibility

core stretch

Golf has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. This can be seen on any of the professional tours. For example, golfers are noticeably fitter (in their core) and more muscular than say 15 years ago. Tiger Woods is considered to be the forefather to this change, sparking others after him to do the same.

Golfers experience injuries when teeing it up because they’re not prepared for all of the movements in the golf swing. Here are some inexpensive ways you can improve your golf fitness at home.

Medicine Ball: Strength

Medicine Ball lunge twist

Medicine balls, found inexpensively at sporting goods stores or online, are very helpful. Holding a medicine ball while doing a lunge with a twist at the waist is a great exercise. It helps strengthen the lower back, core, and the quadriceps. Start with 3 sets of 8-10 reps, alternating lunges with each leg.

russian twist

Another great exercise with a medicine ball is called a Russian Twist. Sitting on the ground, slightly tilt back and raise your feet toward your chest. Hold the medicine ball and rotate side to side, touching the medicine ball to the ground. Strengthening ab and core muscles is the goal of this exercise. Three sets of 20 reps is a good start.

Core Stretching: Flexibility

twist stretch

A flexible core is also key to a good swing. Keeping the muscles in the core stretched give more flexibility. Here are some stretches you can do. On the ground, lie on your side with your knees bent and slowly rotate your arm to the other side of the floor, opening your chest. Hold the stretch for a few seconds, really focusing on getting a good stretch, and return to the start. Turn to the other side and repeat the process. This stretches the lower back and core.

Superman stretch

Another stretch involves lying face down on the ground and raising your legs and arms at the same time. Hold in the raised position for a second or two and return your arms and legs to the ground. Repeat the motion 5-10 times to get a full stretch. This is a great exercise to strengthen the lower back referred to as the Superman exercise.


Fitness is an important component in developing a good golf swing and avoiding injuries that can keep you off the golf course. Proper stretching and an overall level of fitness help your game more than you may imagine.

PGA Professional

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