What’s In The Box? Reviewing 3 Monthly Subscription Boxes

monthly subscription boes

Monthly subscription boxes are a popular way to receive a wide variety of products. Each month, companies send you a selection of items, working with you to send items that match your preferences. You can get everything from clothes and cooking supplies to snacks and salon products. The golf industry is not excluded from this trend. We take the time to inform you about 3 of the more popular options for expanding your golf-related needs.

3 Top Monthly Subscription Boxes


birdiebox subscription box

BirdieBox offers different options in monthly subscription boxes for men and women. Their flagship option is the Premium Golf Subscription box. It includes a variety of golf, lifestyle, tech and nutrition products matching your needs. It also comes with the current issue of Golf Digest magazine. Each box ships in the middle of the month and has a retail value of $100 or more. Signing up for a 1, 3, 6, or 12-month plan is a breeze. Simply place your order, fill out your preferences, and (if you can) patiently wait for it yo arrive on your doorstep.

BirdieBox also offers a Golf Balls + box that sends the basics for your game. In the box are a dozen golf balls, Zero Friction glove, and tees. You may also purchase one of their “Speciality” boxes. BirdieBox puts together boxes for birthdays, holidays, and tournaments. Individual products are also available on their site.

Bogeybox Golf Club

bogeybox golf club

Does your golf wardrobe need updating? Bogeybox Golf Club is here to help. They offer apparel that can be worn on or off the course, delivering it to your door each month. Upon filling out a style survey, 5 pieces of clothing are shipped to you. Try the clothes on at home and only pay for the items that you want to keep. Shipping is free both ways. Stylists choose from 45 top brands to send. Multiple sizes are sent to make sure you get the right fit.

There are some really nice, unique features about this subscription box.

  • You set the amount of money you want to spend per box.
  • The $20 styling deposit gets applied to the items you want to keep.
  • Like all 5 items? BogeyBox gives you a 20% discount on all 5 items.
  • You can see a preview of what you will be getting each month before it ships.
  • You are not auto-charged for the box. Choose when and how often you want to receive a box.

Short Par 4

short par 4

Short Par 4 offers personalized style for men at an affordable price. Each month, for a mere $45 plus shipping, a box with 2-3 items from some of the top brands is sent. Brands include Under Armour, TravisMathew, Jonnie-O, Puma, and more. Sign up, fill out a style survey, and wait for your box to arrive. It’s as simple as that!


Monthly Subscription boxes can be overwhelming to choose from. Hopefully, we have shed some light on a few for you to help make your decisions easier.

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P770 and P750 Tour Proto Irons: Clean, Clear-Cut Performance

p770 and p750 tour proto irons

TaylorMade releases two new irons, the P770 and P750 Tour Proto. Each tour-inspired club is gaining the interest of the golfer looking for a traditional, forged club with a clean appearance. The P770 and P750 Tour Proto irons provide minimal offset, thin toplines, and short blade lengths appealing to skilled golfers.

Features of the P770 and P750 Tour Proto Irons

P770 Irons

The P770 is the slightly more forgiving of the two new TaylorMade clubs. A classically designed club, the P770 has precision-milled face and grooves. The 3-7 irons boast a 70-gram tungsten bar, positioning it low and back to boost stability and launch. The bar itself is lighter in the center with more weight on the two ends, creating more perimeter weighting. The bar provides a higher launch and more forgiveness. The short irons (8-AW) are one-piece, forged cavity back irons. These short irons are made to provide extra control.

taylormade p770

TaylorMade engineers optimize the CG across the set with shallow head profiles and shortened hosels. The face of the P770 tapers, starting thinner at the top and thickening towards the bottom of the face. Doing this lowers the CG and creates a soft feel at impact.

P750 Tour Proto Irons

p750 tour proto irons

Designed with input from Tour players, the P750 Tour Proto irons are for players looking for maximum workability and control. Compared to the P770, these irons have a thinner topline, less offset, and a narrower sole. As opposed to the 70 grams of tungsten in the P770, the 3-7 irons have a 5-gram tungsten sole weight, adding maneuverability and increasing launch. TaylorMade is able to control thickness, CG, and mass distribution by milling the face, grooves, and cavity. The result is a soft feeling, pure players iron.

Summing Up P770 and P750 Tour Proto Irons

These clean, classic looking irons pack ample performance and for the better players. If you have the game, you need to try these out!

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Features Abound In Scotty Cameron Futura Putters

Titleist’s Scotty Cameron has long been one of the leaders in putters and innovation. His Futura line focuses on enhancements in feel, alignment, and true roll to inspire the confidence to make more putts. Each putter in the line has similar features and those that make them unique. Here’s what you need to know about the Futura putters.

Similar Features In Futura Putters

futura putters

The Futura putters range from a mid-mallet to a larger mallet. All of the putters use a multi-material construction to achieve high MOI and forgiveness. The main body of each model is made of 303 Stainless Steel. The steel’s brushed look give an elegant look to the putters. Cameron pairs a lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum face sole with the stainless steel. The lighter material wraps from the face to the sole, placing more weight on the perimeter of the club. Scotty’s signature sole weights are found in each model as well. The weights vary in size depending on the putter length to optimize feel. 20-gram weights are in the 33-inch putter. Weight increases by 5 grams with each added inch to the putter. The mid-milled face-sole is connected to the stainless steel frame with a vibration dampening system,  producing a soft, responsive feel.

Futura Putter Models: Distinct Features

Futura 5CB

futura 5cb

The Futura 5CB is a mid-mallet featuring a “cavity back” feature on the crown. The black-colored cavity contrasts with the stainless steel, aiding with ailignment.

Futura 5MB

futura 5mb

A rounded, mid-mallet “muscle back,” the Futura 5MB has a clean look. Cameron says this model is a strong contender for his favorite Futura putter. A single sight-line atop the crown is the lone alignment tool on the putter.

Futura 5W

futura 5w

Wing-like flanges “fly” behind the face of the mid-mallet Futura 5W. Besides their looks, the “wings” increase the MOI and forgiveness of the putter. The familiar looking Futura 5W is designed as an evolution of the Futura X5. For alignment, Cameron uses contrasting white lines and black background, framing the ball at address.

Futura 5S

futura 5s

Cameron puts a straight shaft that is slightly back from center in the Futura 5S. The putter is almost face-balanced and is a compact version of the Futura 7M. A bar across the back connects the “wings” to complete the mallet look.

Futura 6M

futura 6m

The Futura 6M takes its design cues from the Futura X and X7. Along with the sole weights are 2 weight ports, located on top and in the back of the putter. Each top port holds 2 10-gram weights, significantly increasing the MOI. The 6M is the most forgiving model in the Futura line. A 38-inch, dual-balance version of the 6M is also available. This model adds more weight, further stabilizing the putter throughout the stroke.

Futura 7M

futura 7m

The last putter in the Futura line is the 7M. Don’t be fooled by its resemblance to the Futura X7M. Cameron gives the 7M the same forgiveness and alignment ease as the X7M with some updates. The design of the 7M features sleeker “wings,” allowing more weight to be placed in the improved “bar-back” area. Doing this gives the 7M more forgiveness. The longer, white alignment aids frame the ball perfectly at address.


As you can see, all of the design elements in the Futura putters have the same goal, make more putts. Put one in your bag and see first hand how it improves your game.

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