Pinseek Using Bushnell’s Tour V4 Patriot Pack

“The average golfer’s problem is not so much the lack of ability as it is lack of knowledge about what he should be doing.” – Ben Hogan

Information is vital to success in golf, as it leads to knowledge. Arguably the most crucial to shooting low scores is knowing accurate yardages. Enter the Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder from Bushnell. This go-to equipment uses a variety of features that, when applied appropriately, give the golfer the best chance to play well. Who doesn’t love that?

Tour V4

Tour V4 Features:

  • Pinseeker with Jolt Technology
    • Usually aiming at the pin, “Pinseeker” mode makes it easier to focus on what you are aiming at instead on an object that is in the background.
    • “Jolt” technology sends out short vibrating pulses, similar to a cell phone on vibrate when it has locked onto the pin. With this, you know without a doubt you are getting the most accurate reading.
  • Range
    • The laser has a range of 5-1000 yards and is able to find the pin at 400+ yards.
    • Even with this extended range, it is accurate up to just 1 yard!
  • The 5x magnification and Fast Focus system make finding the flag a breeze!
  • Holding the rangefinder is extremely comfortable with its ergonomic design and “Stabi-Grip” technology.
  • The 2-year warranty and water resistant case make for worry-free use in any type of conditions.

The Tour V4 Patriot Pack edition includes a carrying case, silicone protective sleeve, and 3-volt CR2 battery.


As the quote at the beginning of the article illustrates, we need knowledge for success in this game. Although this is truer for the average than for the professional, we all benefit. The confidence putting this rangefinder in your bag brings is second-to-none! Providing accurate yardages in a user-friendly design, the Tour V4 finds itself at the head of the class.

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Footjoy MyJoys: Create The Perfect Shoe

Looking for a unique way to express your style on the golf course? Personalized Footjoy shoes, MyJoys, are a wonderful way to showcase your artistic side or announce who you are rooting for. They can also be a gift for that golfer on your list who seems to have everything. With over 14 million custom combinations, odds are you will create a one-of-a-kind pair that is sure to impress.

MyJoys: The Process

Shoe and Color:

Men begin by choosing one of 18 different shoes to customize, while women have 6 shoe options. Selecting the size and width is the next step. You can even pick different sizes for each foot if needed. From there, shoppers choose which colors make their shoes pop. They pick a base and accent colors as well as the color of the laces. Footjoy let’s customer’s pick from a variety of materials and patterns during this step as well. Patent leather, snake, and gator skin patterns are just a few options.

Logo and Lettering:

After choosing colors, customers can pick either a logo or monogram to adorn the outside heel of one or both shoes. Logos include items like horseshoes, lightning bolt, 4 leaf clover, or a poker chip. There is a wide selection of country flags as well. Should you want to get monograms on the shoes, up to 6 characters are available. It may contain special characters and font color options are also available.

Favorite Team:

Whew! That’s a lot of choices to make. But wait, there’s more! Customers can show their loyalty to a favorite sports team. 43 colleges and all 30 MLB teams are represented in the MyJoy line. Choosing this option allows the customer create a shoe with the logo and colors associated with the teams.

Creating a pair of MyJoys is easy and fun! The hard part is waiting the 3-4 weeks it takes to receive them! Wanting to get them before Christmas? Be sure to order them by December 5th if using standard shipping. In the meantime, head to the website and see what showstopper you can create!

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Drawback To Conquer The “Comebacker”

Tip PGA professional Golf

Arguably, one of the most difficult shots in golf is the dreaded “comeback” 3-5 footer after missing your first putt. Everyone has faced these and missed, leading to the dreaded 3 putt. Disheartening as it is, there is no reason to lose confidence over the “comeback” putt. This week, we will focus on a game you can play called Drawback to conquer this shot, helping you regain your swagger on the green!


“Drawback” To Improvement

“Comeback” putts are difficult to reproduce on the practice green. The pressure there is virtually non-existent! I was introduced to a game in high school that reproduces this pressure in a practice setting, playing with friends on the green for hours at a time. The majority of casual golfers utilize the age old “in the leather” on the course to designate a putt is given. The game of Drawback, however, reverses this philosophy. It forces you to make that dreaded 4 footer to halve the hole with your friends. Let’s see how the game works.

How to Play:

When hitting practice putts, anytime a putt doesn’t go in, you must draw the ball back a full putter length before hitting the next putt. For example, if your putt stops an inch from the hole, you would draw it back and try again. Keep doing that until you make it in the hole. Add up the total putts it takes to hole out. As on the course, the lowest total wins and highest total loses. This sounds simple, but getting a group of friends together and putting a friendly wager on the line makes those 3 footers much more nerve racking. Wagers could range from bragging rights to the loser wearing their shirt backward for the entire round. But let’s face it, bragging rights among friends are much better!


The next time you arrive early or after a round with your group, give this fun, competitive game a try.  You will see how quickly those 3 footers on the course become more routine to drain.


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