Dial In Your Driver Tempo


Poor shots usually come from poor swing tempo. You begin to rush the swing and “snatch” the clubhead back quickly. What you don’t realize is this usually sucks the club to the inside forcing you to re-route the club to save the shot.

Try This Tip

1. Next time you’re on the tee, take some practice swings with the headcover on the club. Or you can wrap a towel around the head if you don’t have one. If you’re missing a headcover and need one – we know a guy.

  • Doing this drill forces you to become more deliberate at the beginning of your swing. This drill also helps promote a one-piece takeaway (your arms and shoulders moving together) and less hand action.
    • To gain consistency, you always want to swing with your larger muscles.

2. Take 15-20 slow practice swings, then take the headcover off. When you go to take a swing you’ll have a smooth takeaway, that’s in a good sequence and on a better path.

  • Also, the clubhead will feel lighter – this is where you’ll actually gain some distance. You’ll find yourself swinging faster on the downswing!

So remember when you start to go sideways off the tee – grab a headcover. You’ll find you’ll begin to hit your longest drives when you relax and swinging smooth through impact.


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A Look Inside The Cobra King LTD Driver

Cobra King LTD Driver Spaceport


The Spaceport on the Cobra King LTD driver is a circular, translucent 16-gram weight that strategically places weight low and deeper than ever before in the clubhead. This design creates an extremely low center of gravity (CG) that’s loaded with forgiveness. It really is the perfect combination that delivers maximum distance without sacrificing forgiveness.  It also serves as a window and removable port to view the internal technologies that create Cobra’s reputable Ultimate Distance Machine – another industry first.

Cobra King LTD Driver Textreme Carbon Fiber Crown

Textreme Carbon Fiber Crown

The Textreme Carbon Fiber material that’s used in the design of the crown is 20 lighter that previous Carbon Fiber that has been used in drivers. This lighter material allows weight to be saved in the design process that can be repositioned in the clubhead to help deliver more distance and forgiveness.

Cobra King LTD Driver E9 Face Technology

Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Zone Face Structure

While the E9 face may not be new for Cobra it has been re-engineered with Forged 8-1-1 Titanium. This new E9 face still follows the same variable thickness design principles but with a material that is lighter, thinner and stronger which allows for a larger and hotter sweet spot increasing ball speeds across the entire face – yet another mechanism to squeeze every last yard out of this driver.

Cobra King LTD Driver MyFly8 Technology with SmartPad

MyFly8 Technology with SmartPad

The MyFly8 technology with SmartPad has been a staple in Cobra’s drivers for a while now and rightfully so. The combination may be the best around in terms of hosel adjustability. It features 8 loft settings to dial in your trajectory and fine-tune your launch conditions. Many golfers don’t give this the attention it deserves. Determining your trajectory and launch are two critical areas to scrutinize when you’re looking to gain an advantage on the golf course.

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Are you looking for help? Our PGA Professionals are here for you! Contact them today for all of your golfing needs.

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Wilson Driver Comparison: D100 vs D200

Wilson D100 and D200 Drivers

The Wilson D100 driver is one of the lightest drivers available, weighing a total of 269 grams. It also features a Matrix Ozik HD 4.1 shaft that follows suit with the lightweight clubhead weighing only 45 grams. However, the driver is slightly longer than most measuring 46 inches long. The longer shaft helps promote faster swing speeds which translate into increased distance – something all golfers need. The minute you pick this club up it’ll feel light as a feather, but will perform as well as any other driver, mainly due to the quality of the shaft.

The ball flight the D100 driver produces is mid to high, with minimal spin. These characteristics help produce long and straight drives that everyone’s looking for. Meanwhile, the sound and feel is very appealing as well. The Wilson D100 driver is offered in 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees. Most of you will fit perfectly into the 10.5 and 12-degree models while someone that has a swing speed above 105 mph will lean towards the 9 degree driver. This will help keep the ball flight down a little more.

The Wilson D200 Superlight driver is vastly different from the D100 driver. It’s packed with a new head design, adjustability, and face forgiveness. This driver features Right Light Technology, which reduces weight and adds structural support closer to the face for stability and durability. The weight that was saved in the crown has been redistributed to the heel and toe portions of the clubhead to increased the MOI (forgiveness). The D200 driver also has a slightly larger face that’s thinner in the lower half, increasing ball speeds from shots hit lower on the clubface.

While there are vast differences there is one similarity – the D200 driver is also very lightweight – weighing only 268 grams. The 460cc clubhead is one of the lightest every designed, weighing 189 grams. The stock shaft in this driver is the UST Elements Chrome. Keeping with the theme of lightweight, it only weighs 44 grams. This driver was built upon the same premise as the D100 – to help you swing the club faster. The D200 driver is available in 9, 10.5, and 13 degrees and all come with a 6-way adjustable hosel. This hosel has 3 different loft settings and 3 draw settings helping you dial in the perfect launch for your individual swing.

Here Are The Differences You Need To Know

Wilson D100 Driver

  • Total weight of 269 grams
    • Lightweight driver to increase your performance.
  • Fixed shaft
    • No adjustability – you’re going for maximum speed with this driver.

Wilson D200 Driver

  • Right Light Technology
    • Engineers reduced the weight in the crown and moved it to the heel and toe for greater forgiveness.
  • Slightly larger face that’s thinner towards the bottom
    • Creating faster ball speeds on lower struck shots.
  • Adjustable Hosel
    • 6-way adjustments to perfect your ball flight.

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