The FootJoy HyperFlex Golf Shoe: A Page From Architectural Design

The FootJoy team didn’t have to look far for inspiration for the new FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe, in fact most employees traveled across it everyday. The main design element of the FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe was inspired by the Leonard P. Zakim Bridge in Boston, Massachusetts. The Zakim Bridge is the world’s widest cable-stayed bridge.


The architectural inspiration for the FootJoy Hyperflex golf shoe can be seen in the use of the mesh base, called FlexGrid 2.0 technology, and its design element is mainly used to prevent water from entering the shoe. The FlexGrid 2.0 material is a comprised of a soft and comfortable athletic mesh that promotes tremendous retention properties, yet at the same time provides a waterproof protection.


Some of the other key technologies and features found in the FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe are the Soft Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) 2.0 cushioning, which provides exceptional underfoot comfort and cushioning, so your feet don’t get tired during your round of golf. The FootJoy team also made sure that they didn’t sacrifice the level of lateral support and stability while crafting the FTF 2.0 cushion, which is needed to produce power during the golf swing. In fact, the stability is enhanced via the Optimized Performance Stabilizer (OPS) and the Next Evolutionary Outsole (NEO). The OPS helps secure your heel and ankle throughout the swing, while the NEO provides a lightweight stable base. For added stability and support FootJoy is using Softspikes’ Tornado Cleats so you won’t have to worry about slipping while your bombing your tee shots.


Don’t like the looks of the FootJoy HyperFlex? Take a look at what we have to say about the FootJoy Contour Casual golf shoe.

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How to Master Playing in the Wind in Just a Few Minutes


This week the PGA Tour has hopped over to Honolulu, Hawaii for the Sony Open. Waialae Country Club plays host to the tournament and the wind at the Sony Open can be one of the most challenging conditions golfers face all season long. Playing in the wind can be difficult because mishits can be severely penalized and since even PGA Tour professionals can’t always produce solid ball striking, we need to make adjustments to have a fighting chance!

Club selection

Most of us know that you choose more club when playing a golf shot into the wind, and use less club when you’re downwind. But, what about those pesky crosswinds? A good general rule is to use more club, so any mishit will still have a chance to reach its intended target. If you’re a slicer of the golf ball and you have a “slice” wind, then going with less club is a good option to avoid the potential miss. Same thought is true for someone who draws the golf ball.



Your setup will change based on the wind direction you are facing.

Into – Grip down on the golf club and position the golf ball slightly back of center.

Down – Grip the golf club normally and position the golf ball normal to slightly forward.

Cross – Grip down on the golf club and position the golf ball normal to slightly back.


Swing Thought

The key in situations with wind is that we’re not trying to hit the ball as hard as we can. If you do this it will cause more spin on the golf ball which increases the chances the wind will affect your golf shot. You’ll want to maintain a loose grip to prevent excess tension and take a ¾ swing going back and ¾ going through. Swinging at a slower tempo than normal will help reduce spin on the golf ball to keep it flying straight. Downwind is the only time you’ll take a full swing at full power.

Quick Recap

1. Club Selection – Be mindful of the wind direction, crosswinds can make you look silly.

2. Setup – Check your grip and ball position according to the wind direction.

3. Swing Thoughts – 3/4 backswing and 3/4 follow through.

Follow these tips and you’ll master playing in the wind in just a few minutes. For more great instructional tips from our staff of PGA Professionals visit more instructional articles.

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A Shoutout To Our Happy Customers: January ’15


Thanks to all of you! One lucky Happy Customer (randomly selected) will receive a package full of GlobalGolf swag. Scroll through our awesome customers, see what they had to say, and see if you made the list!

The GolfWRX Community Showed Us Some Love


Read more great things they’re saying in the GolfWRX forums here, or here.

Kudos to Our PGA Professionals, Their Advice Led to a Hole-In-One!

Sending this to thank you for the great clubs that got me a hole-in-one! Your advice was spot on, thanks again!
– Mel R.

This is just a note to praise you for your excellent customer service. After an unfortunate situation during shipping, no fault of yours, I called you about the club. Chris upgraded me one level in club condition, shipped it free, and refunded me store credit since the club’s price had actually gone down. In a world of bad drive-thru windows and impersonal internet business, this is truly refreshing. Thanks again!
– Charles A.

Ryan,thank you for your quick feedback! These are the things – besides your great service, quality of the products and interaction – why you are outstanding and why you are my preferred source for golf.
– Chris

Our Service, Prices, and Shipping Are Untouchable. (Take It From Them, Not Us…)

My order was delivered even earlier than anticipated, the condition of the club was better than the described! I am very pleased and will use this service the next time I need a club.
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A compliment to how easy and efficient it is to do business with you. I ordered a few items over the weekend to see my order arrive on Monday and I didn’t pay for expedited shipping! Your prices are great and I’d pay more to do business with you the competition. You guys are great!
– Shawn

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I have purchased several golf clubs from GlobalGolf and have been extremely satisfied with your products, thanks again for your quick response!
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I love doing business with GlobalGolf. Over the years, I’ve bought several clubs from you with complete satisfaction.  Thanks for your kindness and amazing customer service!
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Here’s What Our International Friends Think

My order arrived today, ahead of schedule, in Australia. Wow!! I must congratulate you on your service, pricing, and delivery. It’s certainly one of the best for speed and reasonable shipping cost. Thanks again!
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Just wanted to thank you for my order! It arrived early and I’ll definitely be shopping with you guys again. Your service is fantastic!
– Michelle

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