Callaway Driver Comparison: Big Bertha vs Big Bertha Alpha


At the beginning of 2014, Callaway unveiled their plans to bring back the name that has been most commonly associated with the brand over the course of two decades: Big Bertha. Bertha was back, and back in a big way. Both the Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha drivers were Callaway’s most adjustable to date. Each one has its own distinctive features and advantages over the other that will help separate the two when trying to decide which club is the best choice for your respective game. Let’s take a deeper look into the driver specifics that stand out with each model.


The Callaway Big Bertha driver will have the broadest appeal to the general golfing public, from low-to-high handicappers alike with its elongated, slightly shallower 460cc head profile that allows for easier launch. The breakthrough technology featured with this driver is the sliding track system positioned along the entire perimeter of the club head. This Adjustable Perimeter Weighting (APW) system provides you with more forgiveness on off-center hits and a fine-tuned trajectory bias by allowing you to move an 8-gram port along the 5-inch track from heel to toe. If you move the sliding weight towards the heel, this will create a center of gravity (CG) position that allows the predominant fader (or slicer) of the golfer ball to reduce the amount of left-to-right sidespin a mishit would generate, leading to a straighter ball flight. Vice versa, if the weight is moved out towards the toe, the CG location is more in the fade biased position for the consistent draw players.


Working in unison with the technology above is the new Hyper Speed Face and multi-material head construction. The Hyper Speed face is the thinnest and fastest face technology Callaway has put in a driver and it enlarges the Big Bertha’s overall sweet spot to keep ball speeds higher all across the face for greater distance gains on a mishits. The Big Bertha driver is made up of numerous materials which include the likes of Forged Composite carbon fiber, titanium, and steel so that their engineers could move weight around in the head enough to incorporate the perimeter track system. This driver also features a lightweight Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Zeta 50 shaft and Callaway’s Opti-Fit hosel adjustment system which allows the golfer to adjust loft -1, +1, or +2 from the standard loft. The adjustability also provides a “D” setting which positions the club in a more upright address position for a draw bias.


While the Big Bertha driver provides advantages to the largest majority of golfers, the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver is more geared towards the stronger, more consistent and accurate ball striker (or “heavy thumpers”). The Big Bertha Alpha driver features a gravity core system which includes a 12-gram tungsten plug that can be flipped inside the club head that will allow the player to adjust the backspin desired, independent of launch angle. The technology has been tested to affect backspin rates between 200-400 rpm’s depending on the player. Normally, you would see a smaller head size in this type of player’s club, yet the Big Bertha Alpha driver does have a lightweight, Forged Composite 460cc head for optimal shape and forgiveness. The face is a bit deeper (taller) compared to the Big Bertha driver, which will help promote a slightly lower, more penetrating ball flight that better players more often crave.

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver still features Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face technology that enhances the sweet spot and increases ball speeds on off-center hits. In addition, this driver also has two adjustable weight ports (1 gram and 7 gram), one in the heel and one in the toe, which can be maneuvered to affect fade and draw bias (additional weights are available for a more fine-tune fit). Finally, it comes equipped with the same Opti-Fit hosel technology as the Big Bertha driver with the same adjustments that were noted above.

In summary, when looking at the Callaway Big Bertha driver or the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver, it is important to note the differences that each club has in order to fit the best fit for your game. The Big Bertha will appeal to a wider audience with its lightweight profile and increased forgiveness, while the Alpha will attract more of the bombers.


If you have any questions about the playing difference between either of these drivers or anything from the Callaway lineup, please reach out to one of our PGA Professionals. They’ll help guide you in selecting the best option for your game!

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6 Steps to Putt Successfully on Fast Greens


For any golf enthusiast Master’s week marks a special time of year. Not only is it the season’s first major but with the weather finally turning for the better, flowers blooming, and birds chirping, golfers are hitting the practice range trying to groove their swings for the upcoming season. One of the primary struggles for players at the start of the season is putting, especially when you go from putting on carpet (all winter long) to playing on manicured greens.

For those who have visited the hallowed grounds of August National, your first impression was probably surprise at the amount of elevation on the golf course and shock to see how severely the greens are sloped from back to front. With the rolling terrain and the challenging contours of the green complexes; these greens quickly become the fastest on the PGA Tour, consistently measuring fifteen on the stimp meter and well above going downhill.


Although you may not ever encounter greens this fast, you’ll play greens reaching eleven or twelve on the stimp meter. And those can be equally intimidating. To develop more confidence and consistency on fast greens, be sure to follow these six tips:

1. Think About the Putt Before You Hit Your Approach Shot

On fast greens it is imperative to think ahead and position yourself for success. Positioning your approach shot on the green correctly will minimize the risk of a three putt and will ultimately lead to more made putts. If a green is severely sloped back to front you don’t want to be facing a five foot putt downhill. This putt can easily run twenty feet past the hole resulting in a three or four putt. Instead, leave yourself below the hole and in a good position to make an aggressive stroke.

2. Play More Break

As greens become quicker even the smallest degree of slope will affect the line of your putt. To compensate for this, make sure to play more break and focus on missing your putts on the high side of the hole giving yourself a chance to make the putt.  Always keep in mind that putts missed on the low side of the hole never had the opportunity to drop in.

3. Hit Downhill Putts with the Toe of the Putter

If you’re facing a quick downhill putt that you fear may run six feet past the hole, try to deaden the ball at impact by hitting it with the toe of the putter. You’ll find that this will help you control the golf ball on those testy downhill putts.

4. Maintain Light Grip Pressure

To help increase your touch and feel with the putter, don’t grip the handle so tight that you’re “white knuckling” it. A light grip will help increase your feel and pace when you’re trying to keep putts on line.

5. Keep Your Posture During the Putt

The easiest way to block a putt (causing a push to the right) is to come up and out of your posture during the putting stroke. To maintain your posture, make sure to keep the back of your neck still. This sensation will ensure your head stays down throughout the entire putting stroke.

6. Consider Using a Lighter Putter

On fast greens, the smoother and more consistent stroke you can produce will help you become a more consistent putter. Using a lighter putter will help you produce this stroke on a consistent basis.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to find more success on the greens! Looking for one-on-one help? Email our PGA Professionals.


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