TaylorMade On Tour: Who’s Making the Switch

Justin Rose At Doral

With the TaylorMade MFamily complete and the season well under way, it’s interesting to take a look at how TaylorMade’s top staff players are using both the M1 and the M2 in their bags. In fact, Justin Rose carries the M2 in his bag (driver, 3 & 5 wood).  He changed to the M2 despite winning the Hong Kong Open with the M1 driver in his bag.

Jason Day at Doral

For Jason Day, the driver of choice is the TaylorMade M1 (10.5 degrees) while his 16.5 degree HL fairway wood is a Taylormade M2. Dustin Johnson is also going with the distance of the M2 in his driver (10.5 degrees) and 3 wood while sticking with the pinseekindg accuracy of the TaylorMade M1 for his 5 wood.  Finally, Sergio Garcia is utilizing his M2 driver (9.5 degrees) in combination with his M1 fairway woods (3 & 5) to achieve that perfect combination of raw distance and workability.

Sergio Garcia at Doral

At the Cadillac World Golf Championships, these players used these newfound combinations to place inside the top 25.

  • T-11 (3-Under): Sergio Garcia
  • T14 (2-Under): Dustin Johnson
  • T23 (Even): Jason Day

The following week at the Valspar Championship we also so a handful of TaylorMade staffers in the Top 25.

  • T-11: Daniel Berger
  • T-11: Retief Goosen
  • T-18: Justin Leonard
  • T-22: Chez Reavie

As the season continues and makes its way towards the first major in the Master’s, it’ll be interesting to see just who’s making to their bag to have the best chance to win the coveted green jacket.

If you’ve missed them, take a look (behind the scenes) at what’s going on with TaylorMade.

Take a look at just how awesome the MFamily really is:

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The Key To Hitting Longer Drives


Hitting monstrous drives with little effort requires a downswing executed in the correct sequence with a smooth acceleration through impact.  The biggest mistake I see with players looking to hit the ball further is that they will swing in an all-out effort from the top of the backswing and end up flailing at the ball which flutters off of the club short and usually right.

Jordan Spieth Top Of Backswing

The purpose of the back swing is to store up energy to be used to hit the ball down the fairway.  This energy is in the form of weight shift, rotation, arm swing, and the lever created by the hinge between the arms and club.  The goal of the downswing is to transfer as much of that stored energy as possible into the ball at impact.

Jason Day Downswing

The correct sequence of the downswing revolves around the thinking that the downswing happens from the ground up.  The first move in the downswing should be a slight move of weight from the back foot to the front.  This is followed by the hips, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, and finally, the clubhead.

Rickie Fowler Golf Swing Sequence

To simplify this, think of a car going down an on ramp and getting onto the interstate.  The top of the backswing is the same as the car at the entrance to the ramp.  The car is not moving at that point and wants to be moving 60 mph at the bottom in order to merge into traffic.  Upon pressing the gas pedal, the car begins to accelerate.  It does not immediately go to 60 mph but accelerates through 5mph, 20mph, etc. until it reaches its maximum speed at the bottom of the ramp.  When making your downswing, focus on starting at 0 and providing constant acceleration of the club on the downswing and you will find yourself hitting the ball further and straighter in no time.

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 Here’s more tips to help you improve your game:

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How To Make Pressure Shots Feel Routine


We have all been there. Standing on the first tee with 10 people watching us prepare to hit the first shot of our round.  Suddenly, our hands start sweating and muscles tense up as the nerves kick in.  With this week’s Arnold Palmer Invitational, players will face the not only teeing of in front of one of the games legends, they’ll also face large crowds and daunting holes down the stretch. So, what is the key to performing under these amounts of pressure?

Rory at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Develop, Practice, and Repeat

Much like a basketball player shooting a free throw, the key to increasing your chances of success under pressure revolves around developing a routine and sticking with it. One of the biggest mistakes I see occurs when a player takes practice swings until they make a good one, then they get up and hit the ball. Instead of focusing on how good the swing is, focus on taking the same number of swings every time, regardless of the outcome.

Also, walk into the golf ball the same way each time. You can even make sure you take the same number of breaths! By making your routine specific and sticking with it every time, you won’t even notice the crowd watching until they recognize your great shot with a loud cheer!

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