Titleist SM7 Wedges: How They Help You Hit Your Number

Titleist SM7 wedges

Wedge-making pioneer Bob Vokey and his team continue to churn out high-quality wedges. Improvements to the Vokey wedge line in the new Titleist SM7 wedges have cemented the club to “#1 wedge on Tour” status. We go over what’s new on these wedges and how the features translate to your short game.

Titleist SM7 Wedges: Features

Know Your Letter

“Wedges need to be versatile and every player is different. It’s never one size fits all for wedges. That’s why we have many grind options.”

Bob Vokey, Master Craftsman

Vokey continues to use letters to designate the grind of the wedges. Most of the letters used are the same, with one addition. Let’s take a closer look at each.

F Grind

SM7 F grind

Full sole grind that’s best for full swings and shots hit with a square face. Because of this, the F grind is the only grind available in the 46º-52º models.

S Grind

SM7 S grind

S grind wedges are best for square faced shots as well, with slightly more versatility than the F Grind. You’re able to get creative

M Grind

SM7 M grind

The M grind is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and shut to manufacture shots around the green.

D Grind

SM7 D grind

This is the new grind offering on Vokey wedges. It offers a high bounce with the crescent shape of the M Grind for shot making versatility.

K Grind

SM7 K grind

 Offers the highest bounces in the lineup. The high bounce makes hitting out of the bunker a breeze. It’s also the most forgiving wedge grind in the lineup for all shots.

L Grind

SM7 L grind

The narrow crescent shape grind gives maximum green-side versatility, but it is the least forgiving wedge in the lineup.

Titleist SM7 wedge loft and grind options

Titleist SM7 wedge loft and grind options

New Spin Milled Grooves

SM7 TX4 Face

Improving spin on wedges starts with the grooves. Cutting grooves in plated wedges (which most wedges on the market are) is a common challenge. For the SM7 wedges, Vokey and his team figured out a new way to mill the grooves on plated wedges, called Parallel Face Texture. The technique improves the consistency in the cutting of the grooves, allowing for tighter tolerances and more spin.

SM7 wedges also have loft-specific grooves. The 46-54 degree wedges have narrower, deeper grooves for controlled ball flight with stopping power on fuller shots. Higher lofted wedges (56-62 degrees) feature grooves that are wider and shallower. This lets you nestle shots close when you’re around the green.

Progressive CG

SM7 Progressive CG

The center of gravity (CG) position on wedges is important for controlling the ball flight and distance control. The SM7 wedges have a progressive CG location. Higher lofts have a lower CG, getting the ball in the air so shots stop quickly. As loft increases, the CG moves higher up the club. This keeps the ball low and produces spin on scoring shots.

Compared to the SM6 wedges, the CG locations are more pushed farther in the SM7 wedges. CG is higher in the high-lofted wedges and is lower in the low-lofted clubs. This was done to improve shot consistency and give better feel at impact.

Tidying Up Titleist SM7 Wedges

Titleist offers the SM7 wedges in 6 grinds and improves the grooves and progressive CG, delivering a high-performing club. There are 3 finishes to choose from as well; Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel, and Jet Black. When buying wedges, including the SM7, be sure to get fit to ensure proper grind and set makeup to fit your game. Our PGA Professionals can also help answer any questions you may have.

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Generate Any Spin With The Mizuno GT180 Driver

mizuno gt180 driver

Adjustability in drivers is practically the norm in the current golf industry. Each manufacturer has their own way of helping you optimize launch conditions. The new Mizuno GT180 driver provides the company’s most versatile offering with seemingly infinite settings. Our review covers the sliding weights, hosel adaptors and more features that give the GT180 driver its adjustability and performance.

Mizuno GT180 Driver Features

Fast Track Technology and Visual Face Angle Slider

mizuno gt180 driver sole

For customizing launch and spin, the GT180 driver features 3 tracks on the sole. Two 11-gram weights can be positioned and moved freely in any of the middle, heel, or toe tracks. Put the weights in the heel track for maximum draw spin. For the most fade spin, put both weights in the toe track. Weight in the middle track controls the height of drives. The further forward the weight, the lower the ball flight. Placing the weight towards the back raises launch angle. All of this makes for nearly an infinite number of combinations in spin, launch angle, and flight bias.

Typically, the different loft settings dictate how the club looks at address. Mizuno’s Visual Face Angle Slider on the sole of the club can be adjusted so the face sets up exactly how you want (open, square, open) regardless of which loft is selected. This ability gives you confidence standing over the ball to hit your best shot.

The weights and tracks have also been re-designed from the JPX-900 driver. Designers were able to save weight and increase forgiveness by redistributing that weight around the head.

Quick Switch Adaptor

The adjustable hosel on the Mizuno GT180 driver lets you change the loft up to 4 degrees, between 7.5 and 11.5 degrees. There are also different lie angle settings on the hosel, which is yet another way you can create any type of spin with this club.

SP700 Titanium Face and CORTECH Design

mizuno gt180 driver face

While adjustability is the focal point of the GT180 driver, Mizuno also addressed ball speed and distance. A high-strength SP700 Titanium is used in the clubface. This strong material allows Mizuno to get complex geometries in the forged face. These geometries are called CORTECH design. The face thickness varies, thinner around the outside of the face and thicker in the middle. This provides more ball speed across the face benefitting all players.

Mizuno GT180 Driver: Simplified

  • Mizuno’s most adjustable driver to date with Fast Track, Variable Face Angle, and Quick Adaptor technologies
  • SP700 Titanium Face and CORTECH Design produce increased ball speed for distance
  • Several no-upcharge shaft and grip options
  • Rich matte blue finish gives the club an iconic look

All of the features of the Mizuno GT180 driver blend to fit any level of golfer. If you are unsure if this club is for you, test it in our U-try trial program.

Stock GT180 Driver specs

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Puma IGNITE 2018 Shoe Collection

Puma IGNITE 2018 shoe Collection

The Puma IGNITE 2018 shoe collection has a trio of shoes that offer comfort, style, and performance for any player. The three different styles guarantee the perfect choice for anyone no matter their personal taste. Read on to learn about the IGNITE 2018 collection and see what style works best for you.

Puma IGNITE 2018  Collection


Puma is known as a fashion-forward brand. The Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT shoes take that approach and add the ultimate in performance and comfort for your game.


The main feature of the PWRADAPT is the company’s groundbreaking PWRADAPT technology.  Seven 3D traction pods molded directly into IGNITE Foam move as you move, firmly connecting you to the ground. The pods are surrounded by a molded traction sole, creating what Puma calls Gripzone. Therefore, no matter the slope or surface conditions, your feet stay planted.

Performance Mesh

A new Ignite Foam cushioning platform runs the entire length of the shoe for unbelievable comfort and fit. The majority of the PWRADAPT upper is covered with a performance mesh material that keeps your feet cool but also dry. The material even has a 2-year waterproof warranty.

Besides the standard version of the shoe, the PWRADAPT is available with their proprietary Disc lace. You simply turn the disc on top of the shoe one way to loosen, and the other way to tighten (righty tighty, lefty loosey). A leather model is also available for those that like a more traditional-looking shoe.




The Puma IGNITE PWRSPORT is great for wearing on and off the course. While playing, a molded bottom featuring 39 hexagon-shaped and 24 chevron-shaped “nubs” give your feet traction where it’s needed most.


PWRCAGE and PWRFRAME technology

Improving on the previous IGNITE shoe, Puma put a super-strong and lightweight TPU saddle known as the PWRCAGE into the shoe. The PWRCAGE gives stability and performance during your swing. To further enhance support, an ultra-thin TPU known as the PWRFRAME is strategically placed in high-stress areas.

The same popular Ignite foam insole is used for superior comfort and energy return. These shoes also come with a 1-year waterproof warranty.


PWRSPORT Collection



Puma rounds out the IGNITE 2018 shoe collection with the GRIP FUSION, a casual shoe with loads of comfort.  All about comfort, this shoe features layers of foam from the insole to the midsole.  The microfiber upper joins extremely soft EVA foam and ultra-responsive rubber sole giving you a cushioned feel for all-day comfort.


This shoe also has anatomically shaped last (bottom frame), allowing more room for your foot. Finally, the organic traction sole is carefully engineered for solid footing while playing and a comfortable step off the course.

Puma IGNITE 2018 Shoe Collection: A Quick Wrap Up

There are 3 styles to choose from in the IGNITE 2018 shoe collection.

    • A spiked shoe with traditional or Disc laces.
    • Choose from a mesh or leather upper
    • 3D traction pods and new IGNITE foam sole provide sure-footing and comfort
    • 2-year waterproof warranty
    • Spikeless shoe with updated traction molds to keep your feet planted
    • New PWRCAGE and PWRFRAME also keep your foot in place in the mesh upper
    • 1-year waterproof warranty
    • Casual, spikeless shoe
    • Rubber sole with soft EVA foam for comfort
    • Wider last gives more room for your feet
    • 1-year waterproof warranty


The three shoe options in the Puma IGNITE 2018 shoe collection provide a range of performance and looks.  Be sure to consider these when looking for your next pair of shoes.

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