The TaylorMade Burner Is Back and Faster Than Ever with the AeroBurner Driver

The iconic TaylorMade Burner franchise has introduced a new weapon, packed with speed featuring the most aerodynamic, innovative and largest Speed Pocket ever produced in a TaylorMade driver.

The TaylorMade AeroBurner driver name is derived from the new, advanced aerodynamic design of the driver. TaylorMade has added three new features to help achieve this aerodynamic design.

  1. Aero Hosel – A “fin” near the heel
  2. A Raised Crown Height with a Rounded Toe – reducing drag to increase swing speed and gain more distance.
  3. An Improved Speed Pocket

The Speed Pocket is larger than ever and creates more consistent ball speeds across the face, especially on off-center hits. The Speed Pocket can cover more of the sole (toe to heel) because TaylorMade has removed the Loft Sleeve from this driver.


“For the golfers who missed the phenomenon that was RocketBallz, or for those who are ready to upgrade to more speed and distance in their metalwoods, AeroBurner is what you are looking for,” said Brian Bazzel, Senior Director of Product Creation for Metalwoods. “We’ve drastically improved the performance of the sole’s Speed Pocket and significantly improved the aerodynamics to deliver maximum speed to the golfer.”

TaylorMade’s Burner franchise has been greatly enhanced and we suggest you take a look!

Additionally, see what we have to say about the TaylorMade JetSpeed driver, another driver that’s all about speed!

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The TaylorMade R15 Is a Lethal Driver Packed with Distance and Forgiveness

If you’re like most golfers then you may be asking yourself, “What possibly could TaylorMade improved upon from the SLDR?” Well, we’re here to tell you they improved and it directly affects two things: DISTANCE and most importantly FORGIVENESS!


First things first, the Front Track system on the TaylorMade R15 driver has been moved closer to the clubface compared to the previous TaylorMade SLDR driver by 12mm, which shifts 75% of the total driver’s weight to the front of the driver. This weight placement has created the lowest and most forward center of gravity (CG) ever designed. This design is producing shots that launch higher with very low spin. Yes, I said higher launching! You’ll still need to “Loft Up”, but not as much as prior models.


TaylorMade has improved the forgiveness of the driver by transitioning from adjustable weight in the Front Track system to two movable weights, each weighing 12.5 grams. These weights allowing you to make a wider range of adjustments and create a more forgiving driver than previous models. With two weights you’ll now have the option to have a weight on towards the toe and heel, which creates more stability through impact on off-center hits. If you’re looking for a slight draw or fade bias shot AND forgiveness, move one weight according to the desired shot shape and the other towards the middle of the Front Track. And just like before, if you want a completely draw bias or fade bias ball flight, keep both weights together and move them to either the toe or heel position.


You’ll continue to see the TaylorMade Loft Sleeve which allows you to adjust the loft on the driver (up to 4 degrees), as well as the lie and face angles. All of these adjustments have created the most adjustable driver TaylorMade has ever created.


The new TaylorMade driver will be available in two models; the R15 460 and the R15 430. The TaylorMade R15 430 driver will appear noticeably smaller in the address position and appeal to better golfers. TaylorMade is bringing back the popular white colored crown of past successful drivers. The TaylorMade R15 driver will be produced in the white, but for those seeking black it will only be available in the R15 460 driver. The Fujikura Speeder 57 will be the stock shaft in the R15 460 driver, with the same shaft available in the R15 430 driver weighing in 10 grams heavier, another aspect better golfers are looking for.

One thing is for sure, the TaylorMade R15 driver means more distance and more fairways for you!

Check out the entire TaylorMade RSi Iron line for 2015 here.

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How To Shop For The Golfer That Has Everything

Ever feel like this when you know you’ve got to shop for a golfer that has it all?!?! We all have!

Trying to buy a gift for a golfer is like trying to herd cats. It can be difficult, frustrating and sometimes flat-out annoying. The main reason is that most golfers buy everything they want or need throughout the season. When the holidays “roll” around, they’ve all but run out of golfing needs. Well, we’re here to help you find a gift that will make them realize they were missing something.

Before You Shop…

Golfers are notoriously superstitious people, so before you start shopping try to do some recon. Find their golf bag and jot down a few key things:

  1. Type/Brand of Clubs
  2. Type/Brand of Bag
  3. Type/Brand of Golf Balls
  4. Any Accessories
  5. Brand/Size of Glove

While you’re taking note, be sure to pay attention to the condition of these items to see it’s time for an upgrade. Also, check out the condition of the headcovers, they may be old and worn out – just like the seats of that “classic” station wagon they won’t sell.

Once you’ve made a log of inventory, figure out what’s in the worst, border-line embarrassing condition. You’ve found your first gift!

If you’re still struggling for a starting point. Here’s some suggestions that are most popular among golfers and carry a low-risk of purchasing an “incorrect” item.

*Disclaimer – with all suggestions, be sure to purchase the same brand they currently use.


For golf gloves, size and feel are most crucial. Each glove is marked with its size, it’s generally located on the inside portion of the glove (underneath the velcro strap or a tag lining the wrist). You may look and notice the glove marked “CML”. Don’t be alarmed, glove sizing strays from the norms of S, M, L. You may see a combination of size with a C, such as CML or CL. The “C” stands for  cadet, which is made for people with shorter finger lengths.


For golf balls, check the model first. The golf ball will have both the manufacturer name and model printed on it. The manufacturer is typically the featured logo on the ball and has a number underneath it. The model would be on the side of the ball. Golf balls are one of the most popular gift ideas, you can’t go wrong. Take it a step further and personalize the golf balls, this is typically free during the holiday season.


Most golfers like a golf bag that matches the same brand as their golf clubs (i.e. TaylorMade clubs = TaylorMade bag). HINT – If their current bag doesn’t match their clubs, you now know what to get. Once you know the brand, you have to select a bag style. Bags are available in many styles, such as stand bags, cart bags and staff bags.

Stand bags are the most popular and used by golfers who either walk or ride when they play. Stand bags will have support legs that allow them to “stand” on their own.

Cart bags are larger and are mainly used by those that ONLY ride. There will be much more room for storage in these bags.

Staff bags aren’t typically purchased a lot because the bag is so large. If a golfer wanted a staff bag…..they would ask for one.

*Bags are available in multiple color options. If you’re unsure of what color to get, the best advice is to stay away from an all-white bag. These tend to get dirty quickly and easily.


Does your golfer travel with their clubs more than once a year? If so, a travel bag would be great gift. Travel bags come in both hard and soft case options. The hard cases are generally more expensive, but provide much more durability and security for equipment. Soft cases provide good, overall protection for equipment, but are susceptible to damage caused by the airline worker who just found out he has to work a double shift.


Golf accessories like tees, ball markers and divot tools can be the perfect stocking stuffer. For non-stocking stuffer accessories a trunk locker can be a big hit. This is a small bag/briefcase that stows in the trunk of their car at all times. It has room for golf shoes, a change of clothes, hats, and other handy items that can be readily available when they get to the course.


Books about golf are another great gift idea! If your golfer owns a lot of books, take a look at whether the books are instructional or not, and it will make your decision a lot easier.

Best of luck shopping this holiday season! Still hunting? Take a look at our Top 10 Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season to see what’s “HOT”.

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