TaylorMade Iron Comparison: SpeedBlade vs. RocketBladez


Alright, alright, I get it. You’re looking at the SpeedBlade irons asking yourself how TaylorMade could’ve produced a longer, straighter iron a year removed from the RocketBladez? Well, they found a way to do it! The SpeedBlade IS just that; longer and straighter. This is achieved by way of two enhancements, the Speed Pocket and the center of gravity (CG). For starters the Speed Pocket has been enlarged both from heel to toe and from clubface to the back of club. This allows for faster ball speeds across more of the clubface than the previous RocketBladez.


Second, TaylorMade has lowered the club’s CG to allow for higher launch angles. These combined improvements increase ball speed and lift launch angles to dramatically increase your distance. Lab testing has shown a 5% increase in overall distance and more importantly, up to a 10% increase in launch and descending angles. These numbers all equal golf shots that fly further, higher and land softer!

You can still feel a mis-struck golf shot with this clubhead, but the great thing is you will lose almost no distance. Let’s be honest with ourselves, who doesn’t love a perfect golf shot?? The sound of impact is a nice “click”, similar to one you hear on the PGA Tour. Ok maybe not that good, but it’s close! The superb feel and sound give you the confidence you need for every swing. During testing, players commented on how the crisp sound at impact makes them feel as if they can’t wait to see what the next shot brings.

TaylorMade has also redesigned the head shape of the Speedblade with a thinner topline, an attribute all players agree upon. Also, the two-tone satin nickel chrome finish gives this club a dark satin appearance that will reduce the glare at address and frame the golf ball against the clubface nicely.


One little thing makes the RocketBladez irons stand apart from all previous irons and that’s it’s Speed Pocket- a 2mm-wide slot in the sole. This pocket flexes and rebounds at impact, increasing the speed of the face to promote faster ball speed, a higher launch angle and a higher, stronger ball flight with a steep, quick-stopping descent angle. You have to remember this was the first of its kind and it traces back to a similar concept in the RBZ metals technology. In addition to delivering more speed for more distance, the RocketBladez Speed Pocket also delivers consistent speed, so shots fly a consistent distance for predictability from shot to shot. Incorporated in the 3- through 7-irons, the Speed Pocket also promotes dramatically less drop-off in ball speed on impacts low on the face. TaylorMade’s independent studies indicate that 68% of iron shots by amateur golfers are mis-hits below the center of the club face. The Speed Pocket is filled with specially formulated polyurethane, developed by 3M, that quiets vibration without significantly slowing or inhibiting the flex of the pocket, while also keeping debris out.


The RocketBladez irons also incorporate TaylorMade’s newest and most effective iteration of Inverted Cone (IC) clubface technology, located in the back of the clubface. The improved IC design increases the size of the clubface area that delivers high ball speed. It also influences how the face flexes and rebounds at impact to control the angle at which the ball leaves the face, promoting straighter shots and a tighter dispersion. This is a critical benefit that promotes significantly more accuracy compared to prior generations.

A quick recap of the differences

The Rocketbladez iron….

  • First generation Speed Pocket technology
  • Inverted cone technology

The Speedblade iron….

  • Enhanced speedpocket technology, by elongating the pocket to produce more ball speed from a greater surface area of the clubface.Lower CG than the Rocketbladez

So if you find yourself struggling to get the ball in the air or want to see a little higher launch in your golf shots, go with the SpeedBladez. They’ll be forgiving, provide a higher trajectory and more iron distance. Win, Win.

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Alan Unruh

Alan Unruh is a Class “A” member of the PGA of America, and holds PGA Certifications in General Management, Golf Operations and Player Development. With these certifications, he is among the 1% of PGA members that hold multiple PGA Certifications. He has a profound passion for the game of golf along with extensive experience and knowledge regarding planning and strategy for golf operations, rules of golf, tournament operations and golf swing fundamentals. Alan has also played a crucial role helping manage multiple high profile tournaments throughout his career including the USGA Women’s U.S. Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events, and multiple NCAA and AJGA events.