The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0: 3 Options for Better Wedge Play

The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 provides a groove enhancement with 3 different sole options letting you optimize wedges to your game.

The grooves in the 588 RTX 2.0 are larger, with a steeper wall that creates 15% more spin than the previous 588 RTX wedge. Cleveland has also instituted a new face-milling pattern on the face of the wedge which increases the volume of the micro grooves. The micro grooves create a roughness on the surface of the wedge for increased spin.

It’s no secret that you can greatly benefit your game from solid wedge play. Are you a sweeper and typically play in hot and firm conditions? Great, they have a wedge for that. Do you take big divots or play in wet/rainy climates? No problem, they also have a wedge for that. Cleveland is giving you the option to choose the grind that best suits your game. There are three sole grinds available: one dot, two dot or three dots. All grinds are available the traditional 588 head or a slightly larger cavity back that features more bounce. Here are the details on the three sole grinds that are available:


One Dot
  • Low bounce with the most relief in the heel, toe and trailing edge of all three options.
  • Good for firm conditions and golfers that don’t take much of a divot.
  • 8 or 10 degrees of bounce.


Two Dots
  • Medium bounce that has a moderate amount of relief.
  • Good for a variety of conditions and golfers that take a normal divot.
  • 12 or 14 degrees of bounce.


Three Dots
  • High bounce that has a full sole width.
  • Good for soft conditions and golfers that take a big divot.
  • 14 or 16 degrees of bounce.


Need help figuring out the right wedge combination for your game? Contact our PGA Professionals to get dialed in!

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Alan Unruh

Alan Unruh is a Class “A” member of the PGA of America, and holds PGA Certifications in General Management, Golf Operations and Player Development. With these certifications, he is among the 1% of PGA members that hold multiple PGA Certifications. He has a profound passion for the game of golf along with extensive experience and knowledge regarding planning and strategy for golf operations, rules of golf, tournament operations and golf swing fundamentals. Alan has also played a crucial role helping manage multiple high profile tournaments throughout his career including the USGA Women’s U.S. Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events, and multiple NCAA and AJGA events.