Cobra’s FLY-Z+ Line Is Making A Splash for 2015

Cobra’s Fly-Z+ line for 2015 has implemented several new, innovative technologies in both their metal woods and irons. These cutting-edge aspects are evident in the clubs’ adjustability, multi-material construction and groundbreaking clubface designs.

The new Speed Channel in their metal wood is an innovation exclusive to Cobra. Engineered directly into the clubface, the Speed Channel is a trench that surrounds the clubface (think of it outlining the entire clubface) and it helps minimize face thickness to promote faster ball speeds across the face. This means more distance on mis-hits and tremendous distance on square shots.

They’ve also improved the crown design by removing weight from the crown and re-positioning the weight low and back, for maximum moment of inertia (MOI) on mis-hits. Combine that with the T.O.P. (Thin. Optimized. Personalized.) crown, your great play will match your great look!

The metals woods in this line are offered in six different colors: Orange, Red, Blue, Black, White and Green (Green available in March). Let’s take a closer look at each club!


Fly-Z+ Driver

In addition to the above technologies, Cobra has designed what they are calling Flipzone Weight Technology on the Cobra Fly-Z+ driver. This Flipzone is an adjustable weight that allows players to adjust the center of gravity (CG) of the driver. There are two adjustments that can be made; a low-forward position for lower launch angles and spin rates, or a low-back position for higher launch angles and more forgiveness. Combine this with the Myfly8 and Smartpad technologies (from previous generations), and the Fly-Z+ driver has all the options needed to optimize any players ball flight.

Fly-Z+ Fairway

Penetrating trajectories deliver maximum distance from the tee or the fairway with control and accuracy with the Cobra Fly-Z+ fairway wood. What else needs to be said?

The body of the club is constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and the face is made with a high strength 455 stainless steel insert. The Speed Channel combined with a front CG zone promotes faster ball speeds across the entire face. This also allows for more workability from various lies.

Fly-Z+ Irons

A little known fact among golfers is that an iron head’s absolute CG (sweet spot) is closer to the heel of the club than the center of the clubface and grooves. The reason for this is that there is more material towards the heel of the golf club because of the hosel. To combat this, Cobra has added high MOI tungsten weights in both the heel and toe (more in the toe) in an effort to create a more responsive sweet spot that is located in the dead center of the clubhead. The result is improved consistency and accuracy throughout the entire Cobra Fly-Z+ iron set. Combine this with a forged 1020 carbon steel, and you have a club that has Tour performance and Game Improvement forgiveness!


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Ryan Spaziani

Ryan Spaziani has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2012. He graduated from the Professional Golfers Career College in Orlando, FL with an Associate Degree in Professional Golf Management. He has worked for both private and public golf courses in the Raleigh, North Carolina. Ryan has a strong passion and extensive knowledge for teaching, club fitting and growing the game of golf.