Odyssey Delivers the Works in Their Latest Putter

New for 2015 from Odyssey, the #1 putter brand on tour, is the Works line of putters. Odyssey has long been known as a leader in innovation and technology when it comes to providing us the best possible performance for the short grass. And most golfers, including myself, are always looking for an edge when it comes to dealing with that tricky short stuff, or at least something to help us win more coin off our playing partners. Am I right? For sure, bragging rights are at stake here, and no one likes to lose, especially when you are kicking yourself for missing that four-footer for $20 on the 18th hole.

Since the launch of the White Hot line of putters back in 2000, Odyssey has continued to expand and improve on their most successful and recognizable revolution, and this year is no exception. Odyssey has taken their White Hot technology to a new level by incorporating elements of the very successful Metal-X series of flat sticks that were released a few years back. The wedding of these two technologies create what Odyssey calls “feel meets roll like never before.”


The new face technology in the Odyssey Works putter is called “Fusion RX,” a super thin mesh stainless insert designed to provide a more optimal roll and even less skid than its predecessor, Metal-X. The perforations in the steel insert increase friction with the dimples of the golf ball to create a better launch profile initially off the face in an effort to provide a truer roll at first contact, which in turn, will help you sink more putts. Set behind the face sheet is their patented White Hot insert, the staple of their collection for going on 15 years, for that super cushioned impact that we’ve been accustomed to enjoying on the greens.

One would think that the combination of these two flagship technologies would be enough, right? Well, not to be forgotten with the Odyssey Works putter is the incorporation of the Versa technology that was introduced a year ago. As a rehashing, Versa was created to provide us with an easier way to recognize how the putter was aimed at address towards our intended target line and also through the arch of the stroke. Just one degree of face angle change as the putter is aimed, stroked, and impacted can result in a miss for even the best boss of the moss out there.


The Odyssey Works putter line will feature almost all of the familiar putter designs that we’ve grown to love, including the 2-ball, #1, #7, #9, Tank, and Rossie. There will also be an Arm Lock design introduced as a reaction to the USGA and R&A’s banning of the Long and Belly putter “anchored” strokes set to most notably affect the PGA Tour at the onset of 2016. The “arm lock” stroke creates more stability for those of us that struggle specifically with wrist break through impact. Many of you have seen the success that Matt Kuchar has had with this new putting stroke over the past two FedEx cup seasons, including securing a Players Championship, WGC Accenture Match-Play title, and three straight top-8 finishes at The Masters.

With this trio of advancements leading the Odyssey Works putter line, Odyssey is sure to create another splash in the short game market this calendar golf year. Fill out the rest of your bag and learn all about the latest gear from Callaway.


As always, if you have any technical questions, feel free to contact a PGA Professional at GlobalGolf!

Chris Wadwick

Chris Wadwick has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2011. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Business Administration. He brings a deep understanding of the inner workings of the golf business, especially club fittings, product knowledge, and visual merchandising, working for Dick’s Sporting Goods for over 7 years and Occoneechee Golf Club for more than three years, prior to that. When he is not in the office, you can always find him at a nearby golf course, attending games at his alma mater, or spending time with his wife and four dogs.