The Vapor Flex Woods Are Nike’s Most Adjustable Line To Date


The Nike Vapor Flex driver is Nike’s most adjustable driver to date. If you’re are looking to tune both your launch angle and spin rate independent of one another, you need to take a look at this driver. Golfers of all abilities will benefit from the technologies Nike has implemented in the Vapor Flex driver.


The most innovative design element of the Vapor Flex driver is a technology called Flex-Flight. This Flex-Flight design utilizes a weighted rod, with one end heavier than the other (9 grams to 0.5 grams), that’s positioned in the middle of a cavity located low and back on the clubhead. By moving the position of the rod, golfers can affect both the launch angle and spin rate to achieve optimal results. When the heavier end of the rod is positioned more forward in relation to the clubface, the launch angle and spin rates will both lower. The opposite is true when the weight is reversed, the ball flight will be higher with more spin.


Nike has also improved their adjustable hosel design; Flex Loft 2. The design allows for 15 different loft and face angle positions and is 30% lighter than the original system. Saving weight in this area allowed more weight to be redistributed in more beneficial areas of the clubhead, to produce more forgiveness.

With combination of the Flex-Flight, Flex Loft 2.0, compression channel and a stock premium shaft option (stock Diamana S+ Blue Board), the Nike Vapor Flex driver is sure to be in many bags.


The Nike Vapor Flex fairway wood  features an adjustable hosel and Nike’s newest technologies; Fly Beam structure, an updated Compression Channel and Flex Loft 2. The Fly Beam structure is a feature that’s located in the cavity of the clubhead and provides stability at impact, promoting faster ball speeds. Combine this with the updated Compression Channel and Nike’s NexCore face and the result is a faster ball speed across the entire clubface equaling more distance.

Nike has added a lower center of gravity (CG) which will launch the golf ball high in the air with reduced spin; the secret recipe for distance. With 15 different launch options from the Flex Loft 2 hosel, golfers can fine-tune this fairway wood to fit nicely into their golf bag. The stock shaft is a premium shaft option; the Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 70.


Featuring similar technology upgrades as the fairway woods, the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid is sure to improve any golfer’s game. The Fly Beam structure, updated Compression Channel and NexCOR face combine to stabilize the body of the club and maximize ball speeds across the entire face. The Covert Cavity Back design allowed Nike’s engineers to redistribute weight towards the heel and toe – a minute, yet crucial, feature that helps provide exceptional forgiveness on miss hits. The low CG makes this club easy to elevate, and the leading edge design makes it playable from any lie you may encounter.

Another feature of the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid is the “Linear Progression” design. The stronger lofted hybrids (17*-21*) have a longer heel to toe dimension with a more shallow clubface, to assist in elevating the ball and providing forgiveness. The weaker lofts (21*-25*) have a more compact clubhead from heel to toe with a deeper clubface, to assist with accuracy. The premise here is that you need forgiveness and distance in the long hybrids and accuracy in the shorter hybrids.

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Ryan Spaziani

Ryan Spaziani has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2012. He graduated from the Professional Golfers Career College in Orlando, FL with an Associate Degree in Professional Golf Management. He has worked for both private and public golf courses in the Raleigh, North Carolina. Ryan has a strong passion and extensive knowledge for teaching, club fitting and growing the game of golf.