How to Warm-Up Before Your Round


This week the PGA Tour heads north to the Valspar Championship held at Innisbrook’s Copperhead Course Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. The event features 156 PGA Tour players, with proceeds from ticket sales benefiting area charities through the Championship’s Birdies for Tampa Bay Charities program. Last year’s winner was John Senden with a score of -7. The Copperhead course is regarded as one of the toughest courses PGA Tour players face year in and year out.

“One of the best I’ve played in America.  It’s very difficult.  You have to hit a lot of good tee shots.”  – Martin Kaymer

To bring your best game to the course it’s essential to warm-up properly. Here are three tips to dial-in your “A” game before the round.

The Morning of Your Round

Begin your day by having a healthy breakfast, including eggs and toast, oatmeal, or fruit. You’ll also want to begin with some light stretching. This can be done by loosening up your neck, shoulders, hips, and back. Head rolls, arm circles, and twisting your hips while sitting on the floor are good stretches to initially loosen up before getting to the golf course.

Practice Putting Green

Find a hole on the putting green and place some golf balls in a circle, 3 feet away from the hole. Placing the golf balls in a circle will allow you to experience different putts that might be uphill, downhill, or sidehill. Hitting these putts before your round will help you build confidence.

After you gain some confidence in knocking in 3-footers, it’s time to check the speed of the greens. To do this drop your golf balls 20-25 feet from the hole. Don’t worry about making the putt, concentrate on getting the golf ball to the hole while taking note of the speed of the green. After you feel comfortable with the speed of the greens find a hole and return to placing the golf balls in a circle around the hole, but this time back up it up and try 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet away to help get a better feel for how the ball is rolling.

On the Range

Before you hit any golf balls you’ll want to stretch again, to loosen up the body even more. Head rolls, arm circles, and twisting at the hips while in your golf stance are helpful for preparing to hit golf balls. Next, take practice swings with a wedge – the weight of the club will help loosen you up even more. After you’re loose, start hitting 30-40 yard pitch shots. Beginning with short pitch shots help build confidence in hitting the ball cleanly and on target. Slowly pick out targets farther away and build up to a full-swing to dial-in your wedge shots. Depending on how much time you have before teeing off, move on to your pitching wedge, 8-iron, 6-iron, and so on. The last club you should warm up with is the one you will be teeing off with on the 1st hole.

Quick Recap

1. Morning Of – Don’t skip breakfast or stretching.

2. Practice Putting – Start by draining those 3-footers.

3. Range – Start with pitch shots to work on solid strikes.

Now you know how to prepare and hopefully shoot some of the lowest scores of your life! You might run into some troubles while you’re on the course and there is no need to panic.

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Emmett Brantly

Emmett Brantly has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2003. He graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Golf Management. He has worked in Public, Semi-Private, Private, and Resort golf facilities in Raleigh and Pinehurst North Carolina. He has also worked in various retail settings, as well as holding positions of PGA Teaching Professional at various academies including the Pinehurst Golf Academy. Emmett has a strong passion for growing the game of golf by displaying his extensive knowledge in club-fitting, teaching, fitness, and product knowledge.