3 Simple Chipping Techniques for Precision and Accuracy


The PGA Tour makes the leap over to Hilton Head, South Carolina for this week’s stop, the RBC Heritage. Sea Pines Resort is known to be a ball striker’s golf course with the pine tree lined fairways paired with some of the smallest greens PGA Tour players will see all year. So one thing’s for certain PGA Tour players have got to be extremely accurate. If they’re not, you’ll see them missing greens and needing to get up and down to stay in the mix. The biggest thing in chipping is learning to control how far the golf ball rolls. The game is hard enough, so here are three simple techniques you’ll see PGA Tour players use to control their chip shots.

Pre-Shot Routine

Take in the entire hole. Walk up to the hole and visualize the shot from behind the hole. Picture how the golf ball will roll out.

– Try to do this while others are hitting, so you aren’t holding up play.

Club Selection

This is the most overlooked aspect, if you ask me. Select a golf club that will let the golf ball roll the entire distance. You want to get the ball on the green and rolling as soon as possible.

– Here’s an easy tip: The longer the golf club, the longer the golf ball will roll out.


Feel as though you make the same stroke every time you’re chipping. Also, if you can hit it low, move the ball back in your stance (center to right heel, for the right-handed golfer).

Quick Recap

1. Pre-Shot Routine – Walk to the hole and visualize the golf ball rolling.

2. Selection – Get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

3. Stroke – Make the same stroke every time.


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Alan Unruh

Alan Unruh is a Class “A” member of the PGA of America, and holds PGA Certifications in General Management, Golf Operations and Player Development. With these certifications, he is among the 1% of PGA members that hold multiple PGA Certifications. He has a profound passion for the game of golf along with extensive experience and knowledge regarding planning and strategy for golf operations, rules of golf, tournament operations and golf swing fundamentals. Alan has also played a crucial role helping manage multiple high profile tournaments throughout his career including the USGA Women’s U.S. Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events, and multiple NCAA and AJGA events.