Phil’s At It Again, But Not What You’re Thinking

Phil Mickelson’s car sponsor created an advertising campaign in 2004 entitled, “What will Phil do next?” The focus was on tournament wins and hitting impossible shots that drew focus on what an extraordinary player Phil is.


The one area that Phil has excelled in is career that doesn’t immediately come to mind is as a co-designer in conjunction with the Callaway Golf engineering team. If you remember, Phil has most notably helped with the 3 Deep 3-wood and the Phrankenwood – which has helped shape how all manufacturers approach fairway wood design in respects to loft, spin, and center of gravity.

When the golfing public thinks of Phil Mickelson, the first image that comes to mind is his razor sharp short game and patented flop shop. We know he’s a master around the greens, and he has also helped co-design, with Roger Cleveland (Callaway’s chief club designer), the next wedge to watch.


Mickelson worked with Roger Cleveland to create a face that would give Phil a little more surface area when hitting the flop shot from the rough. The high toe design provides security that you can’t go completely under the ball in longer rough while laying the face open. You’ll see the patented Mack Daddy 2 grooves that extend all the way to the toe, to increase surface area from thicker rough.

Accompanied with the extra groove surface, there are four weight ports drilled in the back of the head, which allow for the added weight in the toe, designed to move weight higher and thus increasing spin.

“When you open the face of a wedge, you reduce the surface area that you want to hit on because you don’t want to get close to the hosel, which comes into play more when the face is open. You’re hitting out past the center, in the toe, hence the grooves out there.” – Roger Cleveland

For the wedge enthusiast, you’ll notice similarities between the Callaway PM-Grind wedge and the original Ping Eye 2 wedge that Mickelson carried off and on throughout the 2014 season.

The Mack Daddy PM-Grind wedge has a soft, smoky chrome finish that’ll reduce glare. It will be available in 56, 58, 60, and 64 degrees of loft with Phil Mickelson’s go to shaft, the KBS’s Tour-V (wedge flex) and the New Decade Multi Compound grip by Golf Pride.

There’s no excuses for your short game now. So get out there and put this wedge to the test!

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Michael Loftin

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