Before You Hit From A Tight Lie Do These 4 Things


Golfers find themselves in various situations on the course. When watching the PGA Tour you’ll often notice commentators referring to players facing a tight lie, and this week will be no exception. The US Open was most commonly known for having a course set-up that reflected long rough and fast greens. It’ll have a different look and feel than it normally does this year at host course, Chambers Bay. You’ll notice a course that looks closer to a links style layout which has a tendency to cause tight lies.

What’s A Tight Lie?

A tight lie is is commonly referred to when your golf ball is sitting on bare dirt, very short grass or similar position in which there is very little grass beneath the golf ball.

4 Tricks to Conquer Tight Lies

1. Move the golf ball back in your stance.

Only and inch or two.

2. Angle the shaft of the golf club slightly towards your target.

Similar to a forward press used while putting.

3. Keep a solid lower body throughout the swing.

This will keep you from moving your impact away from the golf ball.

4. Swing steeper.

This will ensure you’re contacting the golf ball solidly on the clubface. A shallow swing arc may lead to blading the golf ball. (No one wants that!)

Bonus Tip

Here’s a couple bonus tips on how you can best practice this shot

  • Borrow a lie board from your golf shop. Place your ball on it and hit some shots with different clubs using this new setup. It will give you feedback on contact.
  • Find an old piece of cardboard and cut out a few one foot (square) pieces. Place a square on the ground with the golf ball three or four inches onto the cardboard (target side). Fire away! You’ll learn really fast if you’re hitting behind the golf ball and what it feels like to hit the shot correctly

Quick Recap

1. Move the ball back in your stance

2. Angle the shaft toward the target

3. Keep a solid lower body

4. Swing steeper



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