Callaway Iron Comparison: XR vs XR Pro


On the fence about whether your game is best suited for the Callaway XR or XR Pro iron? No need to worry. Whether you’re the 90’s golfer aspiring to break into the 80’s, or the 80’s golfer looking for an iron to push you over the hump into the 70’s, there’s a match for you in the XR lineup from Callaway. Let’s take a closer look at each iron so you know what’s best for your game.


Tech Talk

The Callaway XR and XR Pro irons both feature the face cup technology, previously found in Callaway’s woods. This is the first time this technology has been implemented into an iron design and it’s pushed these iron sets to the top of most lists. The 360 Face Cup provides incredible ball speeds throughout the entire face. In addition, there’s an Internal Standing Wave which works in harmony with the 360 Face Cup in delivering those explosive ball speeds by lowering the club’s center of gravity. All of this technology means you’ll have unbelievable distance gains and an easier time launching the golf ball, even if you catch it a groove or two low in the face, a common problem for most amateurs.

What’s The Difference

The Callaway XR iron is packed full of game-changing, performance-improving technologies to provide you a substantial advantage. The XR iron will most notably be categorized as a game-improvement iron for the average golfer, if you read typical reviews by national media outlets. However, it has been engineered so effectively that I personally believe its appeal is limitless across almost all handicap levels, from single digits to the beginning golfer. There’s a reason that Callaway took home another Golf Digest Gold Medal for the XR irons.

When compared to the Callaway XR Pro iron, the XR will feature a larger head size and longer blade length from heel to toe, giving it that broadest appeal to the golf masses. The XR iron also has more offset (or draw bias as many call it) which gives it a built-in accuracy advantage on mishits. Your bad shots will not be as bad and you’ll find a lot more greens than what you may expect. The XR’s sole is also a bit wider than the Pro model, providing optimal stability in turf interaction and assists with an easier, more consistent launch. Lastly, the Callaway XR iron will come stock with a True Temper Speed Step 80, weighing just under 90 grams, and will be easier to swing and provide a softer tip section for a higher launch.

On the flip side of the coin, the Callaway XR Pro iron has a classic, more compact shape and shorter blade length that appeals to consistent ball strikers. Also, noticeable right off the bat is the minimal offset, thinner top line look at address, and a narrower sole design than the XR iron. This will allow for a reduced turf interaction, allowing for more left-to-right and right-to-left workability of the golf ball. Lastly, the stock KBS Tour V-90 steel shaft will yield a mid-launch without sacrificing tip stability and the smooth feel expected of a club of this stature.

What’s Best For You?

The XR iron is for you if…

You want explosive distance, supreme forgiveness, and deadly accuracy to get your golfing career started or to take your game to the next level.

The XR Pro iron is for you if…

You want a clean, crisp, more precise shot making iron with the highest workability and distance without sacrificing forgiveness.

Either way, you can’t go wrong! If you want more information about these irons or any other clubs, email our PGA Professionals.


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