Callaway’s Bertha Mini 1.5: The Ultimate Combination in Long Game Performance

Think back to just two short years ago when everyone thought Phil Mickelson wasn’t cut out to win a The Open Championshiop. Many pundits said he hated the annual championship and his game wasn’t cut out to play in the often windy conditions due to his problems off the tee. As a result, one thought The Open Championship would be the one major that would ultimately keep him from winning all four major titles. Well, Phil proved them wrong and is now left chasing the elusive U.S. Open for the career Grand Slam.

Ultimately, there was a one big reason why Phil won that week (and if you remember, the week before at the Scottish Open as well). It was his decision to not employ a driver that week. Instead he used a modified 3-wood for tee shots to gain more control and accuracy than his driver, while producing a little bit more distance than the traditional 3-wood so as not to sacrifice too much distance. Additionally, he used that same club from a tight lie on the 17th fairway to hit one of the most marvelous shots I’ve ever seen, a laser on the par 5 which led to a crucial birdie to put him over the top.


What this proved is that sometimes the driver isn’t always the best play off the tee, even for the best golfers in the world. Enter the Callaway Bertha Mini 1.5. This little beauty is yet another weapon for your long game arsenal. It offers the playability, accuracy, and control you expect from a traditional fairway wood but with distance more similar to the big headed 460cc drivers in today’s market. The Callaway Mini 1.5 is an option for players who struggle with their drivers and are looking for an alternative to maintain acceptance distance off the teeing ground, or for those of us that are looking for a little more distance than a 3-wood. It’s also perfect to fit a particular distance segment needed on some courses with trouble or those that require layups off the tee.


The Callaway Mini 1.5 features the best of what Callaway offers in their fairway wood construction married together with some of the common technologies used in their drivers. The Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup has been brought over from the Callaway XR driver to provide exceptional ball speeds from heel to toe. The crown of the golf club uses a carbon, forged composite material which allowed the engineers at Callaway to enlarge the profile of the head to 235cc (35% larger than the XR fairway wood).  What this mean? You have a golf club with a lower center of gravity, providing you easier launch and increased stability and forgiveness.


The playing length of the Callaway Mini 1.5 will be 44 inches, a happy medium between today’s longer shafted drivers and traditional 3-wood length. It also features a cambered warbird sole shape that aids in the playability from tighter lies or out of the fairway when trying to get a little extra in going for that long par 5. It will be a nice performer for those “sweepers” of the golf ball or those that don’t have a problem hitting fairway woods off the turf.


The golf club will be offered in 12 and 14 degree standard lofts with the same adjustable element of the Opti-Fit hosel found in all of Callaway’s drivers. This provides the flexibility to set the club where you’ll need it – in order to fit it to a particular golf course set-up, or the way you may be swinging that day. Loft can be easily be adjusted -1, +1, or +2, with both Draw and Neutral face angle configurations. Lastly, the Callaway Mini 1.5 will come with the Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 60 shaft, one that incorporates titanium nickel wire in the tip section for superior power and greater control closer to the club head.


Now that you know all about the Callaway Mini 1.5, send me an email and let me know what you think. We’re always available to help with any questions you have!

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Chris Wadwick

Chris Wadwick has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2011. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Business Administration. He brings a deep understanding of the inner workings of the golf business, especially club fittings, product knowledge, and visual merchandising, working for Dick’s Sporting Goods for over 7 years and Occoneechee Golf Club for more than three years, prior to that. When he is not in the office, you can always find him at a nearby golf course, attending games at his alma mater, or spending time with his wife and four dogs.