Callaway Driver Comparison: XR vs XR Pro


Stealth, aggressive, fast. These are all adjectives that I’ve heard to describe the Callaway XR and XR Pro drivers. However, the question of “Which one best suits my game?” is the most common question asks us as golf professionals. With the Callaway XR family, you are sure to find the one that with take your game to the next level.



With the Callaway XR driver, you have a driver that’s packed full of speed and forgiveness that appeals to all golfers regardless of their handicap. The 460cc club head has a radical new Speed Step Crown design that keeps the air flow closer to the crown which helps reduce the amount of drag in the downswing, increasing club head speed through impact. The club head also has a more accentuated downward sloping crown from front to back in order maximize energy transfer delivered to the ball at impact.

The Callaway XR driver also features the new R-MOTO face technology, a thinner and lighter face than the previous generation of Callaway X2 Hot woods. As a direct result, the face is more flexible and produces higher ball speeds on center and off-center hits. This weight savings technology allows Callaway’s engineers to move the discretionary weight towards the perimeter of the club, pushing the club’s forgiveness to a new level while still producing a high launch and low spin.

Finally, the XR driver features the Project X LZ shaft that plays perfectly with the overall racing inspired look and speed of the driver. This shaft features a mid-kick and low-mid torque in the senior and regular flexes (53 and 54 grams respectively) for an easy launch and lower spin while the stiff flex (56 grams) will have a slightly higher kick point for a penetrating ball flight desired by players with faster club head speeds. The Callaway XR driver will have a playing length of 46 inches.


XR Pro

The Callaway XR Pro driver will feature most of the same technologies used in the XR driver with a few minor differences to appeal to better players. One thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the slightly small 440cc club head, and there’s no Speed Step Crown. This creates a smooth, clean look while maintaining the stealth like design sought after by Callaway’s engineers. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fast.

The Callaway XR Pro driver has a forged composite crown that carries plenty of speed and a shape that slopes down more aggressive, creating a more aerodynamic design and shape sought after by consistent ball strikers. These changes have produced a club that has a 50% lower center of gravity than its predecessor, the Callaway X2 Hot Pro driver, and produces 300 rpm’s less backspin without sacrificing forgiveness.

Lastly, the XR Pro driver will measure 45.5 inches, instead of 46 inches like the XR, and it will feature the Project LZ Pro shaft which is about 10 grams heavier than the LZ shaft. Additionally, there are no senior flex options in the Pro model; regular, stiff, and extra stiff shafts only. Each shaft will have a higher kick point than anything in the XR driver, which will help the best players control the spin and launch.

Additionally, don’t forget to take a look at Callaway’s free custom shaft upgrade offerings for each of these drivers if you are really looking to get the most out of your new driver.


Which One Is For You

  • If you’re looking for a driver that’s easy to swing, provides maximum forgiveness, and produces a higher launch with exceptional distance, then the Callaway XR driver is the right choice for you.
  • On the flip side, a more consistent ball striker with higher than average club head speed will prefer the lower spin and more penetrating ball flight produced by the Callaway XR Pro driver.

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