Callaway MD3 Wedge: Loads of Options to Lower Your Scores

The Callaway MD3 wedge is a combination of raw beauty and technology. It comes with no surprise that Callaway is quickly gaining attention from both PGA and LPGA Tour players. What makes the Callaway MD3 wedge so great is the wide range of options that you have to choose from, not to mention there’s incredible technology to help your game too.


Tech Talk

You’ll notice there are 4 holes on the back of the wedge. These holes remove weight from the backside of the wedge and move it towards the face. Doing this raises the center of gravity and increases spin.

You’ll begin to see more spin with the progressive groove optimization on theses wedges too. The Callaway MD3 wedge]features 3 different grooves (30V, 20V, and 5V) that are all precision milled directly into the clubface. The different grooves are designed to optimize spin rates as you go up in loft, so more when you need it. Not only does it increase spin on the wedges where it’s most desired, it creates a nice transition from irons to wedges, instead of a noticeable difference.

  • The 30V grooves are found in the pitching wedge and gap wedges. These wedges are built for golf shots that typically require a full swing and steep angle into the golf ball.
  • The 20V grooves are found in the sand wedge, which need a slightly more aggressive groove for full and bunker shots.
  • The 5V grooves are found in the lob wedge where accuracy and control are of the utmost importance. These are the most aggressive groove found in the MD3 wedge inspiring confidence from the rough and any other trouble spots you’ll find yourself in around the green.

Now the options…..3 different grinds (C,S, and W) in 2 degree increments ranging from 48 t0 60 degrees of loft. All of these options give you the room to truly customize your short game to the type of swing you make and the conditions you play in (see below). Use their genius innovation to your advantage!



Ideal Swing: Sweeper (Shallow Divot)
Ideal Condition: Firm



Ideal Swing: Moderate to Sweeping (Moderate Divot)
Ideal Condition: Normal, Soft, or Firm



Ideal Swing: Steep (Large Divot)
Ideal Condition: Soft


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