TaylorMade Driver Comparison: JetSpeed vs SLDR



The TaylorMade JetSpeed driver is the first driver to feature a SpeedPocket. The SpeedPocket technology assists you in achieving faster ball speeds across the face, especially on shots struck low on the face. It also allows for low-spinning and higher-launching shots than its predecessor, the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 driver. The center of gravity has been moved lower and closer to the face, which promotes the higher launch and low spinning ball flight. You can fine tune the loft up or down 1.5 degrees, in increments of 0.5 degrees for a total of 3 degrees of adjustments. Many TaylorMade drivers feature adjustable weights, but there are no adjustable weights on the TaylorMade JetSpeed driver. It also features a Matrix Velox T golf shaft, weighing 49 grams to help swing the club faster, which leads to faster ball speed and more distance.



The TaylorMade SLDR driver has been touted as TaylorMade’s longest driver ever. The superior distance this driver generates is accomplished by moving the center of gravity low and forward. This low and forward location promotes a higher launch with much lower spin and faster ball speeds across the face. The SLDR driver features a 20 gram weight on the sole, which can be moved from heel to toe to achieve your desired ball flight (towards the heel for a draw and near the toe for a fade). For the first time ever in a driver, you can adjust the center of gravity to make the golf ball launch to your swing style. The TaylorMade SLDR driver has three different loft options (9.5, 10.5, 12). The SLDR can also adjust the loft 1.5 degrees up or down, which gives this driver the ability to fit all golfers into the characteristics of a high launch and low spin ball flight. You’ll distance gains will come from hitting the golf ball straighter and higher. It also features a Fujikura Speeder golf shaft, weighing 57 grams to help promote a higher launch and faster ball speeds.

What’s Best For You?

The TaylorMade JetSpeed driver is for you if….

You’re the mid to high handicapper looking for a driver that’s packed with forgiveness and distance.

The TaylorMade SLDR driver is for you if….

You’re a low to mid handicapper looking to dial in your performance off the tee. Don’t forget the SLDR will launch slightly lower than most other drivers, so you’ll want to think about going up in loft.

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