How To Hit More Fairways in One Minute

This week marks the fourth and final major of the 2015 season. This year’s PGA Championship is being held at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin. Many remember the 2010 PGA Championship where Dustin Johnson grounded his golf club in one of the thousands of bunkers scattered about this golf course. Player’s will have a watchful eye and they’ll have a solid game plan based around keeping the ball in play and in the fairway to avoid the bunkers.

Do you have a tendency to miss more fairways than you hit? Or, do you find yourself saying tee it high and let it fly? My guess is that you can answer yes to both of those questions. Everyone wants to bomb it, or hit the power draw off the tee to gain maximum distance, but did you know these shots produce a higher percentage of wild shots. And the more off center your hits are, the worse the shot is. Finding more fairways may seem like a tough task, but it’s not as hard as you think.

Here’s How To Hit More Fairways in One Minute

The easiest way to hit straighter drives and more fairways is to………tee it lower!!!

This is a great tip to follow because most of you tee it too high and by lowering your tee height you’ll hit the center of the club face. But an even greater benefit is the fact that a lower tee height will lower your ball flight, which leads to straighter shots, with less slice and hook spin, so you can hit more fairways!

Did You Know?

Most PGA Tour players tee the ball an inch and a quarter high. This places the top of the golf ball slightly below the topline of the driver. Doing this allows them to strike the golf ball lower on the club face.

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Alan Unruh

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