Mizuno JPX EZ & JPX EZ Forged Irons Bring A New Face to Game Improvement

Mizuno’s JPX EZ and JPX EX Forged irons raise the bar for game improvement irons and that’s what Mizuno has always been about – performance and customization. Both are at the cornerstone of everything they do. They don’t cut corners. They’re always striving to innovate and exceed all expectations. They’ve done just that, again. Take a deeper look at what makes the Mizuno JPX EZ and JPX EZ Forged irons.



Power frame Dual Pocket

Mizuno has created a pocket that goes around the entire perimeter of the JPX-EZ iron that delivers the best in terms of stability and extreme forgiveness. This design allowed them to move weight around to increase the forgiveness on off center shots, as well as helping get the ball in the air quicker. You’ll also notice that the number of the irons is on the toe this year. That’s because the sole is so thin a traditional number placement would’ve compromised the integrity of the design.

Hot Metal COR Design

You’ll find yourself hitting this iron as far as anything else on the market, and it’s not done by strengthening the lofts or increasing the length of the shafts. It’s done by pure technology! The dual pocket can multi-material face design creates extremely fast ball speeds, equating to long and straight shots.

Harmonic Impact Technology

The sound of the clubhead design hasn’t changed at all. Sound and feel are at the heart of every Mizuno design and this one’s no different.

Black Nickle Finish

This black nickel finish is perfect for those bright summer days, reflecting the sun and framing the golf ball nicely.

Distance and forgiveness wise, this iron is a total game changer – especially if feel is important to your game. We want every iron we produce to be “top of its class” in both feel and sound at impact – with JPX EZ, you’re playing much more than a distance and forgiveness iron, you are playing a Feel iron. Because we’re Mizuno, those details matter.” – Richard Delvac, Sr. Product Manager


JPX-EZ Forged

Grain Flow Forged 1025 Boron

The addition of Boron to the material of the JPX-EZ Forged iron isn’t to be fancy, it’s to provide a benefit to you. This addition creates a material that’s stronger so you can add distance while still delivering a soft and solid feel Mizuno’s known for.

Power Frame Forgiveness

The POWER FRAME strategically moves weight to the four corners of the golf club. These positions are critical and play a huge role in maximizing forgiveness.

Triple Cut Sole

This sole design features a slightly beveled leading edge and an aggressive trailing edge cut. Both cuts allow for perfect turf interaction, entering and exiting the turf wonderfully.

Black Nickle Finish

Again, the black nickel finish provides a clean, sleek looking iron that reduces the glare in the address position.

“The greatest achievement of the EZ Forged from an engineering standpoint wasn’t the ball speed or forgiveness – for us it was the feel. It’s so hard to push so many design parameters to the max, yet retain the Mizuno iconic feel. It’s incredible how many design opportunities presented themselves once we switched to the 1025 Boron material.” – David Llewellyn, Golf R&D Director


We all know Mizuno pride’s themselves on custom clubs and finding the right fit for you. Well this year, it just got easier on your wallet. They’re offering free upgrades on any in-line shafts and grips. Tap the image above to get yours today!


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