Nike Driver Comparison: Vapor Flex vs Vapor Speed


Vapor Flex

The Nike Vapor Flex driver uses an enhanced RZN Cavity and gives you the ability to adjust the center of gravity (CG) from a low and forward position to a low and back position, providing you with more options to help dial in your launch angle. The Flex design uses a variable weighted rod, one end weighing 9 grams and the other at .5 grams. This is a unique feature on the Vapor Flex driver that gives you the ability to make adjustments based upon your individual swing and allowing adjustments for course conditions.

The Nike Vapor Flex driver will encompass the FlyBeam structure, Compression Channel, and NexCOR face to promote club face stabilization in an effort to maximize ball speed. The Covert Cavity Back design moves weight towards the heel and toe to maximize distance and forgiveness for off center hits. Along with the tour proven pear-shaped clubhead design, the FlexLoft 2 and FlexFlight technology offer a combined 30 different launch options. To compliment the overall performance of the Flex driver, it is stocked with the Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 golf shaft.


Vapor Speed

The Nike Vapor Speed driver features the Covert Cavity with Fly Beams, Compression Channel, NexCOR face, and Flex Loft 2.0. This 460cc club head promotes pure distance with a higher launch angle for maximum carry and distance.

The Covert Cavity with Fly Beams promotes greater stiffness toward the back of the club, and produces the deepest CG out of all the Nike Vapor drivers. This combination results in more energy transferring to the golf ball at impact for an increase of speed and distance, while achieving a high launch high with low spin.

A more refined tuning and adjustability comes from the new Flex Loft 2.0. This new hosel design is 30% lighter and offers 5 lofts and 3 face angles settings, resulting in 15 total adjustments ranging from 8.5 degrees to 12.5 degrees. The lighter design allows weight to be redirected to other areas of the clubhead for optimal launch conditions and stability. The stock shaft in the Nike Vapor Speed driver is the MCR Fubuki Z 50, which is designed to produce a higher trajectory to compliment the deep CG and the low spinning features of the driver.

Which One Is For You

Nike has given you the ability to achieve ideal launch conditions with the Vapor Speed and Vapor Flex drivers while also yielding a great compliment to your swing speed, launch angle, and spin rate to maximize carry and overall distance.

The Nike Vapor Flex driver is for you if…

You’re looking for a vast selection of settings to achieve the broadest range of playability.

 The Nike Vapor Speed driver is for you if…

You’re looking to increase distance and forgiveness off of the tee.

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