3 Tips to Hit the Power Draw

The PGA Tour rolls into Firestone Country Club this week for the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. This tournament always features a world-class field, and this year is no exception. A trend of recent years shows that leading the field in driving distance lends itself to a top finish and possibly a win. A long tee ball certainly helps navigate the par 5 16th hole, stretching to 670 yards, with a pond in front of the green that swallows up errant shots. And while you may not be able to reach the 16th green in two you can navigate the 500 yard par 5 2nd hole much easier. To help you bomb it off the tee, we’ve put together three simple tips to hit the power draw.

1. Left & Right

Be sure to tee up on the left side of the tee box, this helps by creating an angle that maximizes the room for a powerful draw. Now, make sure to aim down the right side of the fairway.

Reference Point – Feel as though the fairway is behind your left shoulder (for a right handed golfer).

2.  Low Takeaway

To begin the swing, take the driver back low to the ground and slightly inside your target line. You’ll want to feel as though the club is swinging more “around” your body, with your hands staying even or below your right shoulder (for a right handed golfer).

3. Swing to Your Target

Remember, your target line is to the right of where you want the ball to end up. So, from the top of the backswing, you’ll want to swing under the target line and out towards it. This move will keep you on an inside-out track, which is needed for the power draw. The big mistake here is stopping your body, which causes a blocked shot to the right.

Reference Point – Have your right shoulder pointing at the target during the finish.

Quick Review

1. Left & Right – Setup on the left and aim down the right.

2. Low Takeaway – Hug the ground & swing around your body.

3. Swing to Your Target – Swing down your target line & finish with your trail shoulder at the target.

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