Callaway Iron Comparison: Edge vs Big Bertha


Maximum forgiveness and super game improvement – what weekend golfer wouldn’t want those two variables added to their bag? Gone are the frustration of sacrificing chunks of distance and accuracy on your mishits. Both the Edge Combo iron set and the Big Bertha iron set are packed full of game changing technology for the average, recreational golfer. However, each set has its own features that appeal to different classifications within the “average golfer” category.


Edge Combo

This is the most forgiving, easiest to hit, and highest launching iron set. Do you have trouble getting the ball in the air? Not an issue with the Callaway Edge Combo irons. The lofts on each club have been increased slightly to help with launch conditions. The irons have a closed back design with a low center of gravity for easy launch and maximum forgiveness down through each iron in the set. Additionally, they have a wider sole and lower center of gravity to appeal to both the steep and shallow angled swing styles. If you have a tendency to take more turf, the wide sole will improve your ground interaction, while if you are prone to “picking” the ball too much, the low CG will help get the ball in the air and reduce the likelihood of the “skull” or “thinned” shot.

The Callaway Edge Combo irons also feature a progressive offset that make it easier for you to draw the ball, or help eliminate the predominant slice. When you set the iron down behind the ball, it should provide you immediate confidence that you can hit it well and get the ball airborne and closer to your intended target. Finally, the hybrids compliment the iron design with their extremely low center of gravity and optimized launch profile. You can safely take the 4 and 5 iron out of the bag and leave them at home in your garage.


Big Bertha

On the flip side of the super game improvement spectrum sits the Callaway Big Bertha iron. Are you searching for explosive distance? Check. How about tremendous forgiveness? Check. Or simply a higher Launch? Yep, it has that too. How’d they do it? Well, the main engine behind this bad boy is Callaway’s new 360 Face Cup. This is the same technology that was used in their fairway woods, starting with the XHot and is the first time they have been able to incorporate it into the body of their irons. This makes the face hotter and more flexible than ever before, leading to not only astonishing distance on a center strike but eye opening distance on off-center hits.

A key contributor to the overall platform of forgiveness and improved distance on off-center strikes is the Internal Standing Wave. This allowed Callaway to put more weight where they wanted (extremely low inside the club) in order to keep those ball speeds up and the launch higher. This material sits inside the hollow body backed design of the entire iron set and runs from the heel to the toe with more material positioned towards the toe since the majority of amateurs tend to strike the ball out towards that area of the club head. The result of these two technologies gives us a club that is up to two clubs longer.

Finally, you’ll notice the progressive sole width design from the long irons down through the wedges. The long irons feature a slightly wide sole width to increase your confidence, accuracy, and reduce excessive turf interaction, while the short irons employ a thinner sole width for increased shot making capabilities with the scoring clubs. For those of you who enjoy the versatility of hitting hybrids, there is a combo set offering that includes two adjustable hybrids and six traditional irons.



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