Nike Iron Comparison: Vapor Pro vs Vapor Pro Combo


Vapor Pro

The Nike Vapor Pro iron is a world-class iron that provides the very best in workability and shot shaping trajectory. Looking down at the Vapor Pro irons you’ll notice a leading edge that’s straight as an arrow, minimal offset, and a thin topline. All of these features are easy on the eyes, but they’re also there to help your alignment. The Modern Muscle design helps balance the center of gravity exactly in the center of the clubface. This design element increases the ball speed, enhances the stability, and offers the purest feel possible.

The Vapor Pro iron also shifts the majority of the clubhead weight slightly forward to produce a stronger and more penetrating ball flight. The iron also has a narrow sole width to provide a crisp turf interaction that lends itself to shot versatility. The Nike X3X milled grooves and forged 1025 carbon steel create the exceptional feel and feedback desired by true ball strikers.

For consistent and optimal trajectory, Nike is utilizing a True Temper Dynamic Gold shaft with flex options of X100, S300, and R300.


Vapor Pro Combo

The Nike Vapor Pro Combo iron produces the best of both worlds – forgiveness in the long irons and the shot shaping playability to attack with the short irons. A staple in the Vapor iron family is the Modern Muscle design which balances the center of gravity in the center of the clubface, increasing ball speed, stability, and feedback. RZN is used in the cavity of the long irons (2-7) to provide the distance and forgiveness needed on slightly off center contact, but also provides superb feedback. Nike moved to a muscle cavity design in the short irons (8-A) to give you the combination of forgiveness and workability that’s not found in a straight blade iron. By progressively matching weight with the sole widths, the irons produce a high flying trajectory in the long irons and a more piercing flight in the short irons.

The Nike Vapor Pro Combo iron is constructed from a forged and milled 1025 carbon steel body with X3X grooves that enhance spin control in an iron to give you the ultimate in shot consistency and feedback. The True Temper DG Pro is the stock shaft to compliment the progressive irons set. The Dynamic Gold Pro shaft is available in X100, S300 , and R300 that produces a variable ball flight throughout the set.

Which One Is For You

The Nike Vapor Pro iron is for you if….

You’re a ball striker looking for maximum control, workability, and a piercing trajectory. It’s the ultimate shot making forged iron.

The Nike Vapor Pro Combo iron is for you if….

You’re looking for more forgiveness in the longer irons (which is a growing trend), but want to maintain a blade look and feel with a slightly higher trajectory and more forgiveness in the short irons.



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