The Callaway Apex Iron Elevates Forged Irons

Callaway Apex Forged Iron

So, Callaway has made huge strides in the past few years for the everyday golfer with its Face Cup technology (catch up on just what it is here). This type of technology is great, but they’ve yet to find a way to incorporate it into player’s club – until now! The Callaway Apex iron a forged player’s iron that’s precisely engineered to include the industry leading Face Cup 360 technology for crazy-fast ball speeds across the entire face while keeping the playability and feel of a forged iron. Let’s take a look at the awesome combination of technology.

Callaway Apex Forged Iron Face Cup Technology

The Perfect Mix Of Distance & Playability

This is where the magic happens. This is the first time Callaway has married the Face Cup technology with a forged iron. The Face Cup creates fast ball speeds across the entire face to give you the added distance you’re looking for. The bonus this year, is that you’ll also get the characteristics you like in a forged iron as well – feel and shot-shaping playability.

Callaway Apex Forged Iron Scoring Design

Scoring Features On All Irons

The Callaway Apex irons feature a progressive design of offset, sole widths, center of gravity heights and weighting. The progressive design provides the perfect amount of balance of ball flight, playability, forgiveness and control in each and every iron. The long irons have more offset to accommodate for more forgiveness, and the short iron have a more compact clubhead design with minimal offset for the feel and control you’re looking for.

Callaway Forged Apex Iron Technology

Multi-Material Construction

This engineering is a high-tech construction that creates the ultimate iron. It has distance, feel and control. And it’s made for all types of players. The long irons have the Cup Face to create faster ball speeds and the short irons have a uniquely designed face plate to enhance the control and feel.

Callaway Apex Forged Iron Forging Design

Forging A Super Soft Feel

The Callaway Apex irons are manufactured from a precise and quadruple net forging, precision milling, and 1025 carbon steel to give you the soft feel a forged iron is known for.


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