What Does an Offset Golf Club Do?


Definition (for golf purposes) – Offset is the distance that the neck/hosel of the clubhead is in front of the face of the clubhead.

Offset Driver

A golf club with offset will arrive at impact a split second later versus a clubhead that has no offset. This additional time before the face meets the golf ball allows you to continue rotating your hands, thus allowing the clubface a little more time to rotate around into a squarer or less open position at impact.

Will Offset Golf Clubs Help My Slice?

Yes, but an offset driver will make a greater impact than an offset iron.

2 Reasons Why An Offset Driver Will Cure a Slice

1. Drivers Have Less Loft Than Irons

With less loft your slice is exaggerated, so you’ll need the offset to “offset” your big banana balls from the tee.

2. Typical Driver vs. Offset Driver

A typical driver’s face is in front of the neck/hosel, compared to an offset driver. This difference is greater than a non-offset vs. offset iron. Since this is a larger difference it will have a greater impact on your ball flight.


Bottom line, the greater difference between conventional and offset woods allows for more time for you to rotate the face around to a less open position at impact. If you’re looking for more answers to the golf swing get in touch with our PGA Professionals via email!

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