Dial In Your Driver Tempo


Poor shots usually come from poor swing tempo. You begin to rush the swing and “snatch” the clubhead back quickly. What you don’t realize is this usually sucks the club to the inside forcing you to re-route the club to save the shot.

Try This Tip

1. Next time you’re on the tee, take some practice swings with the headcover on the club. Or you can wrap a towel around the head if you don’t have one. If you’re missing a headcover and need one – we know a guy.

  • Doing this drill forces you to become more deliberate at the beginning of your swing. This drill also helps promote a one-piece takeaway (your arms and shoulders moving together) and less hand action.
    • To gain consistency, you always want to swing with your larger muscles.

2. Take 15-20 slow practice swings, then take the headcover off. When you go to take a swing you’ll have a smooth takeaway, that’s in a good sequence and on a better path.

  • Also, the clubhead will feel lighter – this is where you’ll actually gain some distance. You’ll find yourself swinging faster on the downswing!

So remember when you start to go sideways off the tee – grab a headcover. You’ll find you’ll begin to hit your longest drives when you relax and swinging smooth through impact.


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Alan Unruh

Alan Unruh is a Class “A” member of the PGA of America, and holds PGA Certifications in General Management, Golf Operations and Player Development. With these certifications, he is among the 1% of PGA members that hold multiple PGA Certifications. He has a profound passion for the game of golf along with extensive experience and knowledge regarding planning and strategy for golf operations, rules of golf, tournament operations and golf swing fundamentals. Alan has also played a crucial role helping manage multiple high profile tournaments throughout his career including the USGA Women’s U.S. Open, PGA and LPGA Tour events, and multiple NCAA and AJGA events.