Hybrid vs. Long Iron: Which One Should I Play?


Hybrids are no longer the ‘big secret’ of the golf industry. They’ve been around for more than a decade and if you haven’t put a hybrid in your bag you’re making a mistake. Let’s take a quick look at why you should have a hybrid.

How to Choose A Hybrid

Hybrids are essentially long irons. For example, your 4 iron can be replaced by a 4H (4 hybrid). It’s a pretty simple process to replace those pesky long irons. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Determine the longest iron that causes you trouble

(ie. Your 5 iron is great, but your 4 and 3 irons are spotty at best)

2. Replace that iron, and any longer irons, with hybrids

(ie. replace your 4 and 3 irons with hybrids)

Don’t be scared when you do this. You’ll begin to notice that some iron sets now offer hybrids all the way down to a 7 iron.

Hybrid or Long Iron

Why Are Hybrids Better Than Long Irons?

Simplicity and ease. Hybrids have a lower center of gravity which helps get the golf ball up into the air. The clubhead mass is also greater helping you hit it further. And the toe/heel forgiveness is greater than an iron to help with those mis-struck shots.

Now go out and replace your long irons with hybrids – they’re easier to hit! If you still need help, contact our PGA Professionals!

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