New Launch: TaylorMade M2 Irons

Taylormade has completed the M family with the release of the M2 irons.These irons complement their number one driver, M1, and the new M2. The M2 irons will take the place of the RSi1 and AeroBurner series of irons and are billed as the longest, highest launching irons that the company has ever produced. With a unique combination of new features and technologies, the M2 iron will provide you the distance to reach the green but also the height to help you stay on the green, which are two features that sometimes cannibalize themselves.

TaylorMade M2 Iron Technology


On first look at the iron, it bears a remarkable resemblance to the ever popular Burner 2009 iron that produced some of the longest carry distances ever seen. The similarity stands out not only with the dark polished PVD finish but also the cavity of the iron, which houses the V-shaped 3D badge system. The badges are stiffer than previous models, including the Burner iron, and helps improve the sound of a quality struck shot while also eliminating unwanted vibrations for better feel, all without inhibiting the technology that produces the flexion of the clubface.

Fluted Hosel

Another second interesting piece of new technology brought to the M2 is the thick-thin fluted hosel. What this does is remove 3 grams of weight trapped in a traditional hosel construction and redistribute that savings as low as possible throughout the club head to lower the center of gravity and promote the higher peak trajectory. The new fluted hosel will not affect the club’s ability to be bent or weaken that area upon fitting adjustments.

360 Undercut

Other key technologies that allow the M-2 to achieve its height and distance gains are the 360-degree undercut and Taylormade’s patented Speed Pocket technology. The 360 undercut removes weight from the topline of the club head to create a lower CG location and expands the unsupported area of the face by six percent compared to RSi 1 to increase ball speed. This allowed the lofts to be stronger through the set (6-iron measures 25 degrees) to maximize distance without sacrificing the height needed to achieve the increased distances.

Speed Pocket

The Speed Pocket, again, has been incorporated in the 4-7 irons in the set. This technology increases flexibility of the face and launch angle, most notably on shots struck below the center of the face, a common miss for amateur golfers. When combined with the super thin face of the M2 iron, you’ll see ball speed numbers that remain consistent across the entire club head from heel to toe, regardless of impact location.

The TaylorMade M2 irons will will start with the 4-iron and have wedge options in AW, SW, and LW. The M2 irons will be equipped with Taylormade’s REAX 88 High-Launch shaft in steel and REAX graphite in 45 (ladies), 55 (senior/light), 65 (regular), and 75 (stiff). However, custom options will be available for those who like something else.

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