Odyssey White Hot RX Putters: World Renowned Feel With Improved Roll

Great feel, great roll: what else could you want from your putter? How about a higher make-percentage? Who doesn’t want that? This is what you have come to expect from Odyssey, the #1 putter in golf. Since the beginning of the 2010 season, Odyssey putters have garnered 65 PGA Tour wins, 378 worldwide wins, and over $665 million in total winnings.

One line in particular has earned the reputation as one of the most popular putters of all time: White Hot. Over ten million White Hot insert putters have been sold since its introduction more than 15 years ago, an astounding rate for one particular putter line. What made this series so iconic both to the general public as well as on Tour was the tremendous soft feel experienced at impact.

Brandt Snedeker Odyssey Putter
To date, you still see many of the world’s top players using a White Hot putter. One obvious example is Brandt Snedeker, one of the world’s best players. His success has largely come with the use of his trusty White Hot Rossie. For a short period of time, he tested other putter designs but quickly came back to his Rossie because of its incredible feel and the consistency he gained with its use.

In order to improve on the original White Hot, Odyssey’s designers went to Callaway’s golf ball department to seek advice on how to improve the insert based on new materials made available to the golf industry and being used in a lot of golf balls. They tested over 17 different materials and combinations of such in order to settle on the best option for the new insert composition.

Odyssey White Hot RX Putter
What you’ve got in the Odyssey White Hot RX putter is a dual layer injected molded insert that has more elastomer properties than urethane. The core is now softer than the original White Hot while the outer layer is more resilient than before for improved consistency and sound. The outer layer has a new oval pattern, similar to what can found in the Fusion RX and Metal X generations, that has added ball speed and better roll characteristics to the White Hot series. These ovals help grip the dimples of the golf ball to produce that smoother roll and keep the ball from skidding off the face.

Additionally, a textured clear coat was added to the outer surface to work in unison with the oval pattern to increase friction and get the ball rolling smoother and faster. What you’ve got is the same great feel you have come to expect from the White Hot insert but now with enhanced roll.
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