The FootJoy FreeStyle Golf Shoe

It’s not often you hear or read about a golf product being inspired by animals, let alone frogs. So when you see FootJoy make a statement with the introduction of their new FreeStyle golf shoe, you probably want to listen. The FootJoy FreeStyle is sure to turn some heads, especially those of the traditional FootJoy enthusiasts, as this is a very bold and BRIGHT statement that many would not typically expect from the #1 shoe in golf.

“FJ FreeStyle has a unique feel, unlike anything I have worn before. It really grips and forms a great connection between my feet and the ground. It feels athletic, I am able to really push off the ground and create power. The shoe feels like a part of my swing, it gives me a complete sense of my footwork and keeps my feet connected to the ground.” – Hunter Mahan

FootJoy FreeStyle Frog

So, the whole frog angle – what’s that about and how does it make a difference? The inspiration behind FreeStyle comes from the likeness of a tree frog, a red-eyed one at that, known by its formal name “Agalychnis Callidryas”.  The key ideas behind the design revolve around flexibility, traction, comfort, and styling for golfers that require more mobility with their golf swing.

FootJoy FreeStyle Flexibility

Flexibility & Traction

Much like the tree frog, which has double knees, FreeStyle has a super flexible outsole utilizing a SoftMax molded rubber outsole that is bendable and twistable for greater grip from heel to toe from any angle, giving the golfer superior mobility and enabling them to stay connected to the ground from all types of lies and conditions. With this technology the foot is able to stay more stable, providing a stronger base for creating more power in the transferring of weight through the swing. The shoe comes equipped with the Pulsar softspikes system, which provides excellent traction in all weather conditions and is green-friendly.

FootJoy FreeStyle Comfort


The FootJoy FreeStyle is equipped with a thick shock absorbing interior Fitbed for outstanding cushioning and comfort and a HeelLok system that provides slip-resistance at the back of the shoe. An InnerSokTM pad offers additional support and comfort through the heel, while a Tongue-LokTM ensures optimum fit and slip-resistance through your instep and on top of the foot. The lightweight upper mesh material adds another level of comfort, one that is breathable but also durable enough to provide a two-year waterproof warranty.

FootJoy Freestyle Styles


In order to keep the theme of red-eye tree frog going, the FreeStyle needed to be bold and bright in its color options. There are four colors available in the standard shoe and two in the BOA closure models. A LoPro last construction shapes the shoe with a rounded toe, which is framed with a slightly shallow forefoot and slightly narrow heel but a standard instep.

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