Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge: Dial In Your Game With These Grinds

The Titleist SM6 wedges have been crafted out of Bob Vokey’s inspiration and validated by the world’s top Tour professionals. The SM6 wedge has three specific areas of which they’ve improved over the SM5 wedge. The three enhancements you’ll notice are the improved distance gapping, shot versatility, and spin.

Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge

The Titleist SM6 wedges have a progressive center of gravity (CG) which leads to improved distance control and that sweet feel a Vokey wedge is known for. The center of gravity aligned with the impact position of each wedge throughout the set. So, depending on the loft it will feature a different design, all to help provide precise distance and trajectory control.

Low CG

The lower CG location, found on pitching and gap wedges, provides more mass behind the ball. This produces increased ball speeds to better gap  your wedges to your iron set.

Mid CG

A mid CG location, found on sand wedges, will help provide consistent distance gapping between the low and high lofted wedges.

High CG

A high CG location, found on high lofted wedges, aligns with the true impact position of these wedges. With high lofted wedges the golf ball tends to roll up the face at impact. So, raising the CG will help provide more consistency and feel associated with these shots.

 Titleist SM6 Wedge Grooves

The Titleist SM6 wedges are bringing new grooves to the game – TX4. These grooves offer superior spin for the greenside control you’re looking for.  They’ve taken the proven spin milled technology to the next level by implementing a new face texture creating more spin and varied groove sizes depending upon the loft. There’s also five different grinds providing you with the ultimate in shot versatility, swing type, and course conditions.

Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedge F Grind

F Grind: Full sole with medium to high bounce, good for full shots from the turf.

  • Ideal Swing: Slider/Neutral/Digger
  • Ideal Condition: Firm/Medium/Soft

Titleist SM6 Wedge M Grind

M Grind: Heel, toe, and trailing edge relief provide maximum versatility

  • Ideal Swing: Slider/Neutral
  • Ideal Condition: Firm/Medium

Titleist SM6 Wedge S Grind

S Grind: Heel and trailing edge grind provide excellence for players that like square face positions on all shots

  • Ideal Swing: Neutral/Digger
  • Ideal Condition: Medium

Titleist SM6 Wedge K Grind

K Grind: Wide, full sole for the ultimate wedge from the bunker.

  • Ideal Swing: Neutral/Digger
  • Ideal Condition: Medium/Soft

Titleist SM6 Wedge L Grind

L Grind: Narrow and low bounce provide skilled players a perfect fit from firm conditions.

  • Ideal Swing: Slider
  • Ideal Condition: Firm

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