New Wedge In Town – Cleveland RTX-3

Cleveland RTX-3 Wedge

Pins are not safe with the introduction of the Cleveland RTX-3 wedge line. The third generation has a more central center of gravity, improved Rotex grooves, and a new V-sole grind.

Features In The Cleveland RTX-3 Wedge:

Feel-Balance Technology

The main feature of the new Cleveland RTX-3 wedge is Feel-Balancing technology. Feel-Balancing technology moves the center of gravity closer to the center of the face compared to the 588 RTX 2.0 model by 6mm. Cleveland achieved this by making the hosel 1 cm shorter and drilling a micro-cavity at the bottom of the hosel below where the shaft goes. These adjustments save a total of 9 grams that are repositioned in the back flange to move the center of gravity closer to the center of the club face. The result is a better feeling at impact and a tighter dispersion as the head will not twist as much at impact.

New Rotex Grooves

Cleveland is incorporating 3 new technologies in the RTX-3 wedges. To begin, grooves are milled closer together and deeper than in previous wedge models. Next is Cleveland’s “Loft specific” micro-milling. Lower lofted wedges (46-52 degrees) have a straighter milling pattern to facilitate in full shots. The higher lofted wedges have an angled milling pattern for open-face shots. Using lasers to mill and roughen the face completes the process.

Cleveland RTX-3 wedge

V-Sole Grind

New to this line of wedges is the V-Sole which, along with the bounce, allows the club to enter and exit the turf as quickly and efficiently as possible. This creates cleaner contact and consistent ball speed to give more predictable distances and more spin to hit it close! The grinds available will include the V-LG, V-MG, and V-FG.

Cleveland RTX-3 wedge

  • The V-LG model features the lowest bounce geared toward the player with a shallow swing or if you play on firm conditions.

Cleveland RTX-3 wedge

  • The V-MG model features a mid bounce angle geared toward the majority of swings and course conditions.

Cleveland RTX-3 wedge

  • The V-FG features the widest sole and is best for steep swings and soft conditions.

The lofts available in the Cleveland RTX-3 wedge will mimic previous models, ranging between 46-64 degrees. Cleveland’s familiar 1, 2, and 3 dot system referring to bounce is also carried over.


The Cleveland RTX-3 wedge is available in 3 finishes which include a tour satin, black satin, and tour raw. The tour satin is a traditional silver finish with a matte sheen to help reduce glare at address. The black satin lasts longer than previous models and select leading competitors. The tour raw will rust over time to provide a distinctive feel and appearance. The tour satin finish is also available in a blade or cavity back model.

Cleveland RTX-3 wedge

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