Titleist 917 Fairway and 816 Hybrid

Titleist 917

Titleist continues its innovation with metal woods through the release of the Titleist 917 Fairway and 816 Hybrid. Improving on previous generations to add forgiveness, increase ball speed, and boost shot making ability makes these clubs a strong performer for all levels of golfer.

Titleist 917

Titleist 917 Fairway Wood

The Titleist 917F fairway woods continue the technology of previous models while introducing some new design aspects. These new aspects increase options in adjusting ball flight and CG. There are two models, the F2 and F3. The F2 aims to provide balanced performance with plenty of distance and forgiveness through it’s slightly larger profile. The F3, with it’s more compact profile, gives more versatility and shot making ability. The F3 also launches the ball with slightly less spin and a more boring trajectory compared to the F2.

As in the Titleist 917 driver, the highlight of the 917 fairways is the SureFit CG design. It allows the center of gravity location, or CG, to be changed from neutral to back and for a draw or fade bias. This is done with weight cartridges which allow the total head weight to be adjusted +/- 4 grams.

Both models pair an improved active recoil channel with variable face thickness. These features combine to increase ball speed and enhance distance on both center and off-center hits.  Finally, the familiar SureFit hosel returns to provide 16 settings of fine-tuning, adjusting loft and lie independently.

Available Lofts:

F2: 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18, 21

F3: 13.5, 15

Shaft & Grip Options:

Shaft6 Premium options

Grip –  Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Note: The SureFit CG weights for the fairway woods will not fit in the driver and vice versa

Titleist 917

Titleist 816 H1 & H2 Hybrid

Titleist offers 2 options in their latest hybrid line, the 816 H1 and 816 H2. The H1 has a larger head profile and a thin face, designed for those who sweep the ball off of the turf. A low center of gravity position launches the ball higher and produces spin, allowing the ball to carry and stop quicker. The head size also inspires confidence for those who prefer more of a fairway wood look. Not only does the thin face of the H1 increase distance, it helps move grass out of the way while hitting from the rough. Cleaner contact out of the rough helps transform the club from a “rescue” to a “scoring” club.

The Titleist H2 has a smaller, pear shaped profile which looks more like an iron. Golfers will find it produces less spin and a flatter ball flight than H1 through a deeper and lower CG. The head shape benefits those who take a more aggressive, downward swing at the ball.

The re-designed Active Recoil Channel in both heads features a relieved edge on the front, allowing the club to easily slide through the turf. Finally, an 11 gram Sure Fit Tour Weight concentrates more weight low in the head of both versions. With the Titleist H1, this increases inertia roughly 7 percent compared to the 915 hybrids. In the Titleist H2, the mass is positioned slightly deeper in the head for a lower center of gravity. The redistribution of weight improves sound, feel, and boosts forgiveness.

Available Lofts:

816 H1 & H2: 19, 21, 23, 25, 27

Shaft & Grip Options:

Shaft – 6 premium options

Grip –  Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

With the options Titleist offers in head shape, CG position, and shaft model, it is very important to have the clubs built to fit your swing. Get in touch with our PGA Professionals to see what fits your swing!

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