New Cobra King F7 Metals: Smart By Design

Cobra F7

Cobra Golf is creating a buzz around the equipment world with its new King F7 line of woods. Featuring advanced technology in the driver, simple yet effective adjustability throughout, and “smart” sole distinguish these clubs over others in their class. Examining these features closer will give a clear view.

King F7 & King F7+ Drivers

For the first time in the golf industry, Cobra includes a swing analyzer in the King F7 and F7+ drivers. Dubbed “Cobra Connect,” the Arccos system records each drive automatically. It also keeps stats, such as longest drive, average distance, and fairways hit to help improve your game.

Cobra turns away from the track weight of the F6+ and the simple forward and back weight placement of the F6. The King F7 features two 2 gram weights and one 12 gram weight. These can be arranged into 3 positions – front, back, and heel. Placing the heaviest weight in each position gives the greatest effect. For example, weight in the back increases launch, spin, and carry distance. In the front, ball flight is more penetrating, and lower spin causes the ball to roll more when it lands. Having the weight in the heel creates more draw spin (right to left for a right-handed golfer).

Both drivers carry over the “MyFly8” hosel adapter from recent generations. Another notable feature is the “SmartPad,” which you can find on each driver. This feature allows the club to set up square at address, regardless of other adjustments.

Stock Options

  • King F7
    • Colors: Black, Blue, Silver
    • Shaft: Fujikura Pro 60
    • Length: 45.25”
    • Loft: 9 – 12 degrees
  • King F7+
    • Colors: Black, Blue
    • Shaft: Fujikura XLR861
    • Length: 45.25”
    • Loft: 8 – 11 degrees

King F7 Fairways & Hybrids

King F7

Cobra packs new technology into the King F7 fairways and hybrids as well. Retooling the popular “Baffler” rail system, these clubs help the golfer escape any situation. The rails on each club differ due to the assorted shots associated with them.  The rails on the 3 wood are shorter to accommodate the sweeping swing of the club. You see mid-size rails on the 5 wood for either a flatter or steeper swing. The hybrid has the tallest rail. While typically using a steeper swing with the hybrid, the taller rail prevents excess digging into the turf. This rail gives cleaner contact and better shot results.

Making adjustments on the King F7 fairway woods is easy. Coming with a 3-gram weight and a 20-gram weight, the center of gravity is placed either forward or back. A forward position for the heavier weight promotes a lower launch and less spin. Placing the heavier weight in the back launches higher and results in more spin.

Stock Options

  • King F7 Fairway
    • Colors: Black, Blue Silver
    • Shaft: Fujikura Pro 65
    • Lofts: 3/4 wood, 5/6 wood, 7/8 wood
  • King F7 Hybrid
    • Color: Black
    • Shaft: Fujikura Pro 75h
    • Lofts: 2/3, 3/4, 4/5

Packing technology, performance, and their signature colorful look into these clubs assure the golfer they are to be missed.

King F7

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