Quick Fixes For Better Driver Contact


“Chicks dig the long ball!” – Male Golfer

This mindset runs rampant in the golf world. Companies market the distance we can gain by using their driver. However, it is a troublesome club to hit for many golfers. This week, we focus on a couple of quick fixes you can incorporate to help achieve better driver contact.

Phil Mickelson Driver Contact

Ball Position

Ball position with the driver is important. Playing the ball in the front of our stance is going to give the best results. Moving the ball forward shallows the angle of attack, so the driver strikes the ball on the upswing, sweeping it off of the tee. A good rule of thumb is to position the ball in line with the instep of your front foot.

Jordan Spieth Driver Contact

Head Position

Keeping your head still and in the middle of your stance is also vital to good driver contact. Many feel more comfortable keeping their head directly over the ball. Their head moves forward during the swing to keep this feeling. As a result, the bottom of their swing moves forward, making the angle of attack steep. The club strikes down with a steep attack angle, leading to pop-ups and general loss of distance. To fix this issue, keep your head in the middle of your stance with the ball forward. These positions will keep the bottom of your swing in the middle of your stance so that you strike the ball on the upswing allowing for better contact and more distance.

Your head also needs to remain relatively still. If your head raises up too high, it leads to contacting the ball towards the top and thin. A tendency to hit behind the ball results from lowering your head. Naturally, both of these results are not ideal. A still head gives you the opportunity for good contact.

Quick Recap

To improve your contact with the driver, simply:

1. Position the ball forward in your stance

2. Position your head in the middle of your stance and keep it still

Using these quick tips will improve your contact and have you hitting better drives!

Helpful Tips From Our PGA Pros:

Rudi Fann

Rudi Fann has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2008. He began his career in 1998 as the Assistant Golf Professional at Wake Forest Golf Club in Wake Forest, NC. In 2002, Rudi accepted a similar position at Rio Mar Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. He spent a year there before moving to Nipomo, CA where he worked at Blacklake Golf Resort. Over the next 10 years, he worked his way from Assistant Golf Professional to Head Golf Professional and finally Director of Golf Operations. In his time at Blacklake, Rudi devoted much of his time to running tournaments and other activities in order to create a social atmosphere at the club. After Blacklake, Rudi spent one year as Head Golf Professional at Paso Robles Golf Club before deciding to return home to North Carolina. Since returning to North Carolina, Rudi has worked with the First Tee of the Triangle helping to instill life skills and core values through the game of golf to local youth.