Shape It or Bomb It: TaylorMade 2017 Drivers – M1 vs M2

m1 vs m2

With its new and exciting drivers, TaylorMade offers players two desirable strengths in a driver, shaping, and forgiveness. The biggest question one faces is, “Which new M driver is the choice for me?” The answer to this question boils down to the following: Are you looking to shape your ball flight or do you want to bomb it high and long? We’re here to help answer these questions.

2017 M1:  Shape It

2017 M1 driver

A key component of the TaylorMade 2017 M1 driver is its new T-Track system. Two tracks on the sole of the club let weight move forward, back, left, and right. Moving weight back in the clubhead creates a lower CG allowing for more forgiveness. Weight forward gives a lower, more penetrating ball flight resulting in more distance. The front track moves weight toward the heel or toe creating a draw or fade bias to ball flight, respectively.

Shaping your shot is a breeze with the new track system. TaylorMade brings the total amount of moveable weight up to 27 grams! Two grams more than the 2016 M1 driver, the added weight increases the shaping range of your shots. For example, a 10-yard draw can become more of a draw with the added weight. Easy adjustments create big results!

2017 M2: Bomb It

The 2016 M2 driver is noted as being extremely long and forgiving. TaylorMade utilizes new thinking in club design to improve the 2017 M2 driver. The “Geocoustic” design helps improve the sound by stiffening the structure while minimizing the need for internal structures to control vibration. According to TaylorMade, this design philosophy produces a club with the highest moment of inertia of any TaylorMade club in recent history.

The other big feature in the 2017 M2 is the new sole slot, reduced in mass from past versions. The new slot increases the way the face deflects, resulting in better ball speed and less spin on shots struck lower on the face. As we know, high ball speed equals more distance!

TaylorMade also offers the 2017 M2 D-Type model for those fighting fade to slice tendencies.  With weight toward the heel as well as a slight offset, the 2017 M2 D-Type delivers an average of 12 yards draw bias.

2017 M1 vs M2: The Conclusion

Deciding on M1 vs M2 depends on if you are looking to shape it or bomb it. The adjustability of the 2017 M1 makes it easy to shape your shot. Tee it high and let it fly with the 2017 M2. High MOI, available draw-bias model, and increased ball speed across the face make this driver a weapon of ball destruction! Which one will you choose?

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