What Makes The Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver So Cool?

GBB Epic Sub Zero driver

Callaway continues its Epic line with the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver. Although there are many of the same features as the GBB Epic driver, a couple unique features in the Sub Zero edition stand out. Here’s the whole picture on one of the hottest drivers on the market.

GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver Features

Jailbreak Technology

gbb epic sub zero driver jailbreak

The GBB Epic Sub Zero driver boasts the new “jailbreak” technology, similarly found in the GBB Epic driver. Two bars are placed vertically behind the club face. The result is a stiffer club head, overall. At impact, the head keeps its shape better, transferring energy to the golf ball, creating distance.

Interchangeable Weights

gbb epic sub zero sole weights

The sole of the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver has 2 interchangeable weights. One weighs 2 grams and the other weighs 12 grams. Players can move the weights around to control spin and adjust launch angle. Placing the 12-gram weight closer to the face lowers the launch angle and reduces spin. Moving the 12-gram weight to the rear location raises ball flight and increases spin.

Speed Step Crown

GBB Epic Sub Zero speed step crown

A patented Speed Step crown is located on top of the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver. The design improves air flow by reducing drag on the club head during the swing. Faster club head speeds and distance are the by-products of this feature.

Exo-Cage and Triaxial Carbon Crown and Sole Construction

gbb epic sub zero driver exo-cage triaxial carbon crown

The club head of the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver is highlighted by an exo-cage and triaxial carbon crown. The exo-cage is a stable, lightweight frame. The triaxial carbon found on the crown and sole is also ultra-lightweight. Combining these two elements allows Callaway to move the weight savings to more strategic locations. In the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver, the weight is mainly moved around the perimeter of the club. Placing the weight there increases the MOI and forgiveness of the driver. Moving the weight also places the center of gravity closer to the neutral axis of the club, reducing spin.

Stock Shafts

The GBB Epic Sub Zero driver comes with 4 different stock shaft options, with 20 others available at no upcharge. Here is a brief description of each stock shaft’s launch and spin characteristics.

  • Project X HZRDUS T800 55
    • Mid ball flight, high spin
  • Fujikura Pro Green 62
    • Mid ball flight, Mid-to-low spin
  • Aldila Rogue M*AX 65
    • Low-to-mid ball flight, Low-to-mid spin
  • Aldila Rogue M*AX 75
    • Mid ball flight, low spin

Now you know the traits making the GBB Epic Sub Zero driver so cool. You can read our review of the GBB Epic driver here. As always, contact our PGA professionals with any questions you may have!

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