The (Long) Story On Mizuno JPX 900 Woods

jpx 900 woods

Science has long been a part of the story with Mizuno products. The JPX 900 woods line adds another chapter to that story. Mizuno combines the latest adjustability and construction to produce their most advanced line of woods to date. Here’s a look at what makes each club category scientifically crafted for greatness.

Mizuno JPX 900 Woods

JPX 900 Driver

jpx 900 driver tech

Mizuno’s new JPX 900 driver is their most adjustable driver to date. Mizuno achieves this by using a new infinite center fast track, two 8-gram weights, and a visual face angle adjuster. The unbounded center fast track, longer than the previous version, controls the spin rate. Weight forward reduces spin while moving weight back increases spin. You can place either one or both 8-gram weights in the heel or toe ports. Placing the weight in the toe promotes a fade. More weight in the heel produces draw spin.

The visual face angle adjuster, an adjustable plate, changes the look of the face at address, inspiring confidence. The quick switch adaptor attaches the club head to the shaft. It offers up to 2 degrees of loft adjustability along with lie angle adjustments. Finally, the new CORTECH face is 5 grams lighter than the previous JPX 850 driver. The new face provides faster ball speeds on hits across the face, especially those in the center.

The JPX 900 driver comes stocked with the Fujikura Speeder 569 EVO II  shaft. This shaft produces a mid ball flight. Mizuno also offers different weights in Speeder EVO II and a Fujikura SIX XLR8 shaft at no upcharge.

JPX 900 Fairway Wood

jpx 900 fairway wood sole

Mizuno also uses the infinite fast track system in the JPX 900 fairway wood. The track has a 15-gram adjustable weight on an unbounded track.  Similar to the driver, the infinite fast track system adjusts the spin and launch conditions. A new shockwave sole provides high COR low on the face, which provides increased ball speeds across the entire clubface. The Waffle crown moves the center of gravity lower and towards the face of the club. With this position, the ball easily launches into the air, landing softly. The JPX 900 fairway wood also has a quick switch adaptor on the shaft. The adaptor provides up to 2 degrees of loft adjustability.

JPX 900 fairway wood is available in either a 3, 5, or 7-wood. The stock shaft is the Fujikura Speeder 661 EVO II.  Mizuno also offers the same additional shafts as the driver at no additional charge.

JPX 900 Hybrid

jpx 900 hybrid sole

The Mizuno JPX 900 hybrid is designed to be the perfect fit in-between the fairway woods and iron. The JPX 900 hybrid has a Shockwave sole, producing a high COR low on the face. This position results in increased ball speeds over the entire face. With a more stable design, Mizuno obtains the largest sweet spot of any previously made hybrid. Like the rest of the JPX 900 woods line, the JPX 900 hybrid has the quick switch adaptor. Another feature in the new hybrid is a front-weighted design, providing lower spin.

The right-handed Mizuno JPX 900 hybrid is available in 2H, 3H, 4H, and 5H. Lefty’s can find it in 3H and 4H.


The design features in the JPX 900 woods line produce the longest clubs Mizuno has ever made! They produce increases in ball speed and forgiveness to help golfers of all abilities. When considering new woods, these definitely need to be included in the process.

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