PING GMax Irons: Distance and Forgiveness To The Max

ping gmax irons

Players needing forgiveness on the golf course gravitate to the PING GMax irons. PING is renowned for their innovative club design. The GMax irons carry on this tradition, delivering exceptional performance and game improvement features.

PING GMax Irons – The Features

COR-Eye Technology

ping gmax COR-eye technology

The Ping engineers lace the GMax irons with COR-Eye technology. The new technology increases face flexing for faster ball speeds across the entire face, generating greater distance. In fact, COR-Eye technology delivers 3 mph more ball speed than previous PING irons.

PING uses a special heat treating process in the 4-8 irons. The process makes the material 40% stronger, letting engineers use less material on the face. The face flexes more and greater ball speeds result, creating their longest, straightest iron ever.

Wide Sole

gmax irons wide sole

The GMax’s wide sole design moves the center of gravity, CG, low and back on the club. The player’s shot gets a higher trajectory on approach shots, which allows the ball to stop sooner on the green. The sole also has a better leading edge, more trailing edge relief, and sophisticated bounce. Combining these elements lets the club get through the turf better, helping eliminate heavy and thin shots.

 Other Notable Traits

ping gmax iron swing weights

The GMax irons have progressive swing weights as you move through the iron set. Long irons are generally more difficult to hit. PING addresses this by making them lighter, giving the golfer time to get the club square at impact. As you approach the wedges, the clubs have a more traditional swing weight. GMax irons also have longer blade lengths and more offset. Bigger blades increase forgiveness by giving you more surface to hit.

The Wrap Up

Together, these advanced features make the Ping GMax irons a game improvement game changer. Be sure to consider them when purchasing new irons. They are sure to deliver.

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