Better Driver Adjustments? Wilson Staff Triton DVD vs 2017 TaylorMade M1

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Our latest club comparison features the 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver versus the Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver. The M1 is a second generation model from TaylorMade and the Triton is a new introduction from Wilson Golf. The Triton was the winner of the Wilson and Golf Channel’s series, Driver vs. Driver. “But, what’s the difference between them,” you ask? Read on and you’ll learn about the driver adjustments and appearance features taht make these clubs special.

Driver Adjustments

Launch and Spin Control

taylormade m1 t track system driver adjustments

The M1 driver features TaylorMade’s patented T-Track sliding weight system. One track runs from the front to the back of the sole, allowing a 12-gram weight to be slid into different positions. Each position raises or lowers the CG of the club. The forward position provides a lower launch and less spin. Sliding the weight further back results in a higher launch, more spin, and more forgiveness.

wilson staff triton sole plates

On the Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver, adjustability starts with a removable sole plate. New drivers come with 2 sole plates made of different materials and weights. The Titanium sole plate weighs 22 grams and provides higher launch and spin. A second sole plate, made of carbon fiber with red highlights, weighs only 9 grams. Using the lighter plate raises the CG resulting in a low launch, less spin, and a more penetrating ball flight.

Adjustable weight for ball flight direction

taylormade m1 t track

The M1 uses the second track on the sole of the club to adjust ball flight. The track runs from the heel to the toe on the sole, just behind the clubface. On this track, a 15-gram weight is slid into position along the track, promoting a fade or a draw. Labels on the track make it easy to understand what the adjustments do.

wilson staff triton weight screws

The Triton features 3 weight ports to fine tune ball flight. They are positioned toward the heel, the toe, and the rear-center of the sole. The driver comes with 2 2-gram weights and 2 6-gram weights, providing 12 possible combinations to fine tune ball flight. Heavier weight in the heel produces a draw. Placing the heavier weight in the toe gives you a fade spin. For a higher ball flight, place the heavier weight in the rear position.

Loft and lie adjustability

2017 M1 loft sleeve

The M1 features TaylorMade’s loft sleeve, offering 12 possible settings. The sleeve allows loft to be changed up to 2 degrees up or down. It also provides 6 matching upright lie angle settings to create a further draw bias.

wilson staff triton adjustable hosel

With the Triton, Wilson offers a simple-to-use hosel offering 6 straightforward settings.  Standard loft, + 1 degree, and  -1 degree of loft are mirrored by the same loft settings with an upright lie angle.

The Appearance

taylormade 2017 m1 crown

The 2017 TaylorMade M1 driver uses a multi-material construction of the club head. At address, you see a white front section made of titanium and a black rear section made of carbon fiber. The line between the two running parallel to the clubface aids golfers in alignment, making sure the clubface is square at address.

wilson staff triton crown

The Triton features a black crown with a gray section running front to back.  This gray section is the exact width of a golf ball. Referred to as Swing Active Technology, this 1:1 alignment aid is touted to alignment easier. Swing Active Technology also helps visualize the correct swing path, resulting in more shots hit in the sweet spot.

Final Thoughts

The TaylorMade M1 and Wilson Staff Triton DVD utilize many of the same philosophies to driver adjustments but do so in different ways. Looking at these differences could very well make deciding easier for you.


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