Get Rolling With Odyssey O-Works Putters

Odyssey O-Works putters

“You drive for show but putt for dough.” – Bobby Locke

Many golfers have heard this phrase uttered at some point while playing. The popular quote symbolizes the need to be a great putter to succeed at golf. Odyssey, long boasting the tag of #1 putter in golf, takes putting to the next level with their latest offering. The Odyssey O-Works putters pair revolutionary new design with their unique visual alignment aids, helping you roll putts more like a tour pro.

New Design Features – Odyssey O-Works Putters

Odyssey has used its famous White Hot insert in many of its putters since 2000. The soft, responsive feel of the insert combines with Odyssey’s new Microhinge technology in the O-Works putters. While it may sound a bit technical, the simple design does what it is designed to, put a better roll on the ball.

Microhinge Insert

O-works microhinge insert

The Microhinge insert is a series of small metal hinges on the face of the putter. Bending toward the ground, they impart topspin on the ball at impact. Topspin is key to better putting. The spin gets the ball rolling on its intended line faster, helping you hole more putts. The new insert also simulates forward press, desired by better putters.

Next Generation Versa Alignment

o-works versa alignment

Odyssey’s Versa alignment technology first came to the scene in 2013, with their Versa putter line. Featuring alternating colors, the technology easily shows how square the putter face is at address. The black-white-black or white-black-white colorways make adjusting to make the head square easy too! For the O-Works putters, Odyssey adds a red highlight line to further ensure you are aligned properly. On the blade-style putters, the line runs parallel to the clubface, creating a “T” shape with the alignment line on the back part of the putter.  The red highlights on the mallet putters run perpendicular to the face, standing out from the black and white colors.

Odyssey O-Works Putter Models

odyssey o-works putter line

Odyssey offers the O-Works putters in several tour-proven models. They include the #1, #1W, #1W WBW, #7, #7 WBW, #2, #9, #9 WBW, 2-Ball, R-Line, R-Line CS, V-Line Fang CH. Tank versions of the #1 model and #7 model are also available. “Tank” putters use counterbalancing to smooth out the putting stroke with heavier heads and shafts. The extra weight keeps the hands from being too active, giving a more consistent stroke.

Get Your Roll On

The Odyssey O-Works putters help improve your putting with design elements to produce better roll on the ball. Give them a try and see what makes them the #1 putter in golf.

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