M1 or D2: Which Letter is For You?

M1 or D2

Two of the exciting releases this year in the driver market are the 2017 TaylorMade M1 and the Titleist 917D2. Both clubs promise distance, forgiveness, and adjustability, making deciding which is right for you difficult. Knowing the similarities and differences will go a long way in helping you decide, M1 or D2.

M1 or D2


2017 M1 loft sleeve

Hosel adjustability is the main similarity between the two drivers. The M1 features TaylorMade’s loft-sleeve, above, is now made of lightweight aluminum. The 12 different settings allow loft to be adjusted up to 2 degrees up or down. Upright settings can also be set, resulting in a draw ball flight bias. Titleist maintains their SureFit hosel in the 917 D2, which provides 16 unique settings altering loft and lie angle. The TaylorMade loft-sleeve is much easier to use, labeling the adjustments on the adapter. The Titleist SureFit hosel allows for independent adjustment of loft and lie angle and more overall settings. The chart below shows the different settings for the Titleist driver.

titleist surefit driver chart
Start at A1 for RH, D4 for LH. Adjust accordingly from there.


Ball Flight Control

Titleist Sure Fit CG

To further adjust ball flight, Titleist adds the SureFit CG weight port on the sole of the 917 D2. A cylindrical cartridge, heavier on one end, gets inserted into the port. Placing the weight toward the toe gives a fade bias. Flipping the weight towards the heel gives a draw bias.  This feature can be great for the player looking for extra control or the ability to produce a more consistent shot shape.

M1 T-Track System

The 2017 M1 driver features a re-designed T-Track system. A sliding weight moves toward the toe or heel of the club in order to change left to right trajectory. The 15-gram weight moves in small increments, letting you fine tune left to right trajectory. Along with this is a separate track, running front to back on the sole. The 12-gram weight adjusts to control ball flight higher or lower. Weight forward gives a lower trajectory while weight back provides higher flight and more forgiveness.


In regards to specs, the clubs do feature an important difference. The 2017 M1 comes in a standard length a half inch longer than the 917 D2, measuring 45.5 inches and 45 inches, respectively. Extra length has the ability to give more distance. Shorter clubs often provide more control.

Decisions, Decisions

A player looking for maximum adjustability options in all aspects of ball flight looks to the 2017 M1. The player looking for independent loft and lie adjustments and a more traditional club steers toward 917D2. When deciding between M1 or D2, be sure to consult a certified professional who will fit you into the right driver. The PGA Professionals at Global Golf are also available to answer any questions. Email them at PGA@GlobalGolf.com.

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