Spin Your Wedges More with Ping Glide 2.0

Ping has produced innovative club designs throughout its history. The original PING Glide wedges were no exception, engineered with a first-ever “grip-to-sole” design. To improve on this, the design team focuses on the grooves and grinds on the PING Glide 2.0 wedges. As a result, you’ll be able to spin your wedges more and have consistent contact through better sole designs.

Designs to Spin Your Wedges


ping glide 2.0 52 ss grooves spin your wedges

Arguably the coolest shot Tour Pros pull off that amateurs want to hit are wedge shots that spin back. PING’s upgraded grooves on the Glide 2.0 wedges aim to help you achieve that goal. On the lower-lofted (46-52 degree) wedges, the grooves are milled with a 20-degree sidewall and a .005” edge radius (above). Spin rate increases and trajectory control on full shots with this new design. The grooves are also closer together, providing one extra groove than the PING Glide.

ping glide 2.0 58 ss grooves spin your wedges

In the higher lofted clubs, 54-60 degrees, PING engineers mill a 28-degree sidewall and a .004” edge radius, seen above. This design change makes the grooves “sharper,” providing more spin on pitch and chip shots. Engineers were able to place two additional grooves in the higher lofted wedges, compared to the PING Glide.

According to PING, their Tour players saw an increase of 1,00-1,500 RPM on partial shots from 40-70 yards. On full shots, according to PING, their Tour players saw 500+ RPM increases. These numbers are based on wedges their players are currently using.


Along with the groove improvements, PING offers 4 distinct sole grinds, providing options for every player and every turf condition. PING labels these grinds as “SS,” “TS,” “WS,” and “ES.”

ping glide 2.0 SS grind

The SS grind features an all-purpose mid bounce sole, which is the most versatile and suitable for most players. The heel and trail edge relief are perfect if you have moderate attack angles and divots.

ping glide 2.0 TS grind

The TS grind is a half moon grind, tour-proven to provide precise contact from difficult lies. More heel relief lets you open up the club face for hitting flop shots with confidence.

ping glide 2.0 WS grind

The full sole, WS grind, is best for the steep swinger and prevents the club from skipping into the ball.

ping glide 2.0 ES grind

The ES grind, inspired by the Eye 2 sand wedge, offers great bunker performance thanks to its dish profile and tapered hosel design. If you have issues getting out of bunkers, this is the grind for you.

Other Notable Features

Made of 431 stainless steel, the Glide 2.0 wedges provide soft feel and instant feedback in a classic look. Finally, the hydro Chrome finish repels moisture allowing for less friction in turf interaction. In other words, you’ll be able to control your shots more, in both wet and dry conditions.

Final Thought

The Ping Glide 2.0 wedges give golfers the ability and versatility to hit a wide variety of shots they may have never thought possible. Try them today and see how much more you can spin your wedges.

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