Cobra King PUR Wedges: Simply Effective

king pur wedges

Cobra’s new King PUR wedges combine new ideas with a simplified design to provide effectiveness on a full range of shots. Some of their features, like the notch on the sole, you’ll recognize. Here are the details of what’s new on these wedges.

Pure “Raw” Finish

King Pur wedge finish

The new pure “Raw” finish on the King PUR wedges gives you something you won’t see, glare and rust. While raw finishes in the past have been known to rust, Cobra touts this finish as rust resistant over time. Cobra reasons that a chrome finish makes the grooves slightly smaller and duller as well as creating some inconsistency from groove to groove. By eliminating the finish, the grooves are more consistent in shape and volume, giving you more consistent performance in all playing conditions.

Face Technology

These 3 club face features on the King PUR wedges help deliver control and accuracy on all shots:

King Pur wedge grooves

  • The grooves and face of the King PUR wedges are 100% CNC milled. Cutting the grooves this way ensures the grooves are the same size, every time. As a result, you get a consistent spin across the entire face.

King pur wedges progressive spin tech

  • Cobra uses “Progressive Spin Tech” grooves throughout the wedge loft options. The grooves on the higher lofted (56/58/60 degree) wedges are wide, shallow, and further apart allowing for maximum feel.  The lower lofted wedges (50/52/54) feature narrow, deeper grooves packed closer together for consistent trajectory on fuller wedge shots.


  • Each wedge face has Variable Face Roughness. The face milling process varies the surface roughness of the face in different areas. Simply put, it delivers maximum spin control across the face for different shots around the green.


King Pur wedge grinds

As with last year’s King wedges, the PUR wedges are available in 3 grinds. Each grind is designed for different turf conditions and angles of approach. The “Widelow grind” works best for the digger and in soft to medium turf conditions. The “Classic grind” is a versatile grind that works in all conditions and players with a neutral angle of approach.  Finally, the “Versatile grind” works best for the neutral/slider swinger in medium/firm conditions. Like its name suggests, the Versatile grind allows for the widest variety of shots.

With 10 total loft/grind combinations, it is easy for any player to find the set makeup that works best for them.

King PUR Wedges in Review

  • Rust resistant raw finish that minimizes glare.
  • 100% CNC milled grooves make sure each groove is the same size.
  • Progressive Spin Technology: Different groove designs that optimize spin and launch conditions, depending on the loft.
  • Variable Face Roughness gives you added shot making ability around the green.
  • 3 grinds to choose from; “Widelow,” “Classic,” and “Versatile.”

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