Odyssey Hwy 101 Putters – 1 year anniversary

Odyssey Hwy 101 putters

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the Odyssey Hwy 101 putters. These limited edition putters came in iconic shapes with some added details to make them special. Don’t remember these beauties? Here’s a refresher course on each model.

Odyssey Hwy 101 Putters


When you think of the most iconic roadways in the United States, several come to mind, like I-95, Route 66, and US-1. In the golf industry, there is one that has been the heart of golf club design and innovation over time: California Highway 101. As a tribute to the area where putter concepts and inspiration were formed over the years, Odyssey created the limited edition Highway 101 series. Odyssey knew they couldn’t just slap a themed headcover on a putter, call it “Limited Edition”, and charge a premium price. So, what sets the Highway 101 apart from the other Odyssey classics?

Features in Each Model

Odyssey hwy 101 putter faces

First, the body consists of milled 1020 carbon steel, giving the putters a soft feel. A 17-4 stainless steel insert with the Metal-X pattern delivers great feel and exceptional roll reliability.  However, the putter can’t just feel good. It must sound good too in order to appeal to the world’s best and those seeking a premium performance putter. Thus, located behind the face insert is what Odyssey terms the “Sound Chamber”. This technology is designed to improve the sound and feedback a player gets at impact. As a result, the sound off the face will be slightly louder for an increased response compared to if the putter only had the Metal-X insert. All putters also came equipped with a red, midsize Cabretta leather MasterGrip which provided a cushioned soft feel. In total, 1,000 of these putters were released across three classic models with only slight differences.

In total, 1,000 of these putters were released across three classic models with only slight differences.

#7 Model

odyssey hwy 101 putters #7

The #7 is an advanced mallet design and features weighted alignment wings. The #7 has a more face balanced set up than the other two, for added stability.  It is ideal if you have a straight-back-straight-through stroke.

#2 Model

odyssey hwy 101 putters #2

The #2 model has a classic blade-style design. The footprint is slightly larger from heel-to-toe than a traditional Odyssey blade putter. The crank-neck hosel bend performs best for those using a slight arc in their stroke.

#5 Model

odyssey hwy 101 putters #5

Finally, the #5 model is a half-moon mallet design with a single-bend, slant-joint hosel, also ideal for a slightly arced stroke.


Thank you for taking a trip down Memory Lane with us! Adding any of the Odyssey Hwy 101 putters to your collection will give you a unique piece and will help your putting (should you decide to game it).

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